Twenty and Fourteen

Nothing more than the present not realized.

Bike things should be the better in 2014.


These comprise the plans I’ve made in my head of all the things I want.

Breck Epic
TransSylvania Epic
Crank The Shield
So on and so what…

Not entirely unrealistic I set out to establish what it will take to realize the majority of these plans.


And knowing is half the battle.

Making way for the diSSent X edition, remaining new but dusty diSSent ALC stock is moving in a relatively aggressive manner.
425$ – Four hundred and twenty five dollars – that’s 450 OFF.
Sizing is limited.

Take your pick, diSSent X for 2014 or the diSSent ALC to pay for mine.

Happy Aluminiversary

At some point this year of twenty 14, Misfit Psycles will have survived to the ripe olde age of 10.
All and entirely 9 years longer than I would have planned, had I planned it at all.
And at least 5 years longer than the most generous of critics.

Misfit Psycles turns 10 the aluminum anniversary

Obviously. There will be a celebration of some wicked sort.

Rich Dillen will host the misfit Psycles anniversary party.

As it is probably and totally likely assured that you will neither be invited nor have any interest in the aforementioned celebration, you should probably be included by some and other means.

The means I mean, is the diSSent ‘X’ Limited Edition frame:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed

The frame is, in and of itself, is entirely the same diSSent as it has always been.
And still, just different enough that you simply MUST purchase one.

The (uninspired) diSSent geometry remains the very same (today) as it did so many of those years ago. Of course that was way back when the diSSent geometry was (to the very same folk) too different from the existing norm(s) to make any sense.

The diSSent ‘X’ material of most best choice is still, 6061 aluminum.

The (revised) Mk.V slider system is still universal (with previous diSSent generations).

The (44mm) headtube will allow for multiple headset combinations and several steerer options.


For those early adopters of the ‘X’ there is an even more Limited than that Collectors T-Shirt:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed collectors t shirt front

Unlike the more frugal of our past designs this more Limited Collectors T-Shirt also has a back:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed collectors t shirt back

To be clear, the whole diSSent ‘X’ Edition (and all it brings) is and will remain entirely Limited.

A MAXIMUM of 150 frames will be made.


There are options, freebies and other incentives (including price) to go along with the entire uber exclusivity of the diSSent ‘X’ Edition.

Details of the most sort are still flippant but there is a more elite of Component Kits (headset cap, seat collar, custom anno) that will most likely be made available (on a first bought first offered basis):

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed with more limited components

The first (most aggressive) purchase option expires FEBRUARY 15.

If you need more, there is more:


And yes, you should absolutely marvel at the quality of the diSSent ‘X’ Edition web-page…it will be the framework for an entirely new Misfit Psycles website (estimated completion: the future).



Seasons Greedings

Shortly and probably this weekend there will be a newsletter of discounted importance.

Subjects of note:
diSSent ALC (Mk.iv) Clearance
diSSent ALC (Mk.v) Details

Yes. Both of these items are worth the intrusion.
Sign up here.

If you are looking for other swell items, the MisfitPsycles Society 6 store is running a promotion too.


That is, until midnight December 8.

Fuck Your Standards

And with those. Out go most of mine.

Curmudgeonly as it may not be, I can no longer ignore that certain technologies are here to stay until such a time that they are replaced by other essentially unnecessary innovations.

Some things I said probably never to (that is in the past) are in the nearly about phase of actually happening.


Below is a production interpretation of what I mean but I suspect that you already know what they both mean because (unlike me) you haven’t been an ignorant ass living under a cycling tech shit pile for the past part of two years.

Misfit Psycles dissent MK.V with tapered headtube and rear thru axle.

Misfit Psycles diSSent Mk.V artist projection

Like that, it is now starting.

The WHY is mostly obvious.
To bring the diSSent back within the realm of pseudo currency.

And another WHY is lesserly obvious.
To empty the warehouse of remaining (currently less current) inventory so that I might and for once free myself of inventory poverty (pay bills) and claim my place as mostly profitable cycling magnate.

Details of the former and latter are both forthcoming.
Expect a newsletter clearing out ALC inventory shortly.

The HOW is a little different.
The diSSent ALC Mk.V will not be designed, manufactured and sold in high hopes. The diSSent ALC Mk.V will be sold in a KickStarting fashion with pre-orders taken for a period of 30 days…if minimums are met production will proceed for the lucky few…else…it will be shit canned along with my dreams of appearing as a Teen Beat center fold dressed as Chewbacca.

How to pre-purchase is also forthcoming.
Target sale date: The Soon of November.

Three Wise Skulls.

As promised and not entirely past due…

Misfit Psycles is pleased to announce...The Three Wise Skulls. Limited to 2013 Holiday Print.
Misfit Psycles is pleased to announce…The Three Wise Skulls.
Limited to 2013 Holiday Print.

Available not unlike anything else.
For money.
All cards and posters will be sold on a first paid, first sold basis.

Be fast.
Last year did not sell out.
Unless you count selling out some 300 to Mike McCormack of Breck Epic fame.
He lines the dog kennel with them to this day.


POSTERS. Limited to a run of 50.
First 15 will be signed.
Request unsigned if that sort of grandstanding annoys you.

CARDS. Limited to a run of 250*.
None will be pre-signed. Unless you’re a douche. Then one will be licked. I won’t be telling you which.

* Assuming no one requests a custom run.

Exclusive use of the Three Wise Skulls is open for negotiation.
As is my soul.

Watch Society 6 for other incendiaries like phone cases and throwing pillows.

Happy Holideath

Just like that, Halloween is all and done.

Meat Dicky Dillen Costumes

And much like that thoughts have moved towards the other holiday.

The 2012 (and premier) Helliday Collectible was Zombie Claus.
Arguably un-topable.


Challenge accepted.

Concept 1 – Frostdeath The Snowman.

Happy Holidays with FrostDeath the Snowman

Concept 2 – Immaculate Deception.


Concept 3 – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeath.


Concept 4 – The Three Dead Men.


No matter which goes forward, thousands will sell-out…so…there’s that.

The Hangover Only Lasted Four Days

Another Anti-Race and Del-Stalk has come and bi-gone.

The NINTH ANNUAL, by all of my counts.

In so many ways a proper return to a much lesser glory.
Despite many a Facepage assurance (peaking at 28 the day prior), only EIGHT* hearty-as-fuck souls** braved Collingwoods best.

* Not to be lost on me, that is the very same number as the inaugural year, 2005.

** As of that Saturday past, there are now only TWO persons that have attended all nine. Myself, Del.

Del Stalk Anti Race 2013 attendees...all eight of them!

At this point one or more might expect to hear about the fuckings of all you that didn’t attend…and most deservedly so…

That wouldn’t be in the spirit of any things Anti-Race.

I will say this to be clear, only the hard costs associated with the un-vent will be re-evaluated prior to 2014.
Because. It’s only an expensive day when there’s waste.

Speaking of the persons and people that made 2013 happen:

  • Thanks be to 4Print for once again producing the plates and posters.
  • Thanks be to Mrs Del-Stalk (Mel) for taking on the apres feeding task (for 28).
  • Thanks be to Del-His-Self for leading out 98% of the Anti-Race and shitting on the last 2%.

This years festivities included the usual embarrassments, idiocies, offences…and that’s just me.

But this year.
This year there was a FIRST NEVER for Anti-Race and Del-Stalk.

Something happened at the climax (arguably causing the climax) of the Anti-Race, something that has NEVER happened before.

Something shocking.

The unofficial anti race video they dont want you to see

Something we eight will never forget.

With that in our mind, hopes and dreams are being made for 2014.
Either to ensure that sort of thing DOES NOT happen again.


That it does in fact re-happen, but this time, to everyone at all equally.

In closing and not totally unexpectedly, Anti-Race and Del-Stalk custom swag arrived four days en retard:

Official delstalk antirace swag designed by misfit psycles

You can still get yours, and probably well should, as there are enough 2013 posters (and plates) to last all the lot in 2014.

So don’t expect a new design.


As a result of the events that transpired during this years event, the  AARP (Apres Anti-Race Party – formerly known as Del-Stalk) has been renamed Mel-Stalk…but you probably already knew that.


The Anti-Contest

Maybe you’ll be in attendance. Maybe you suck.
This contest* is open to both and all.

Simply answer the following question, correctly, without being wrong;

How many bottles of Jager will be consumed during Anti-Race 2013?

Obviously, without knowing the specifics of attendance and weather this contest will be not entirely unlike guessing the number of Skittles in a jar of indeterminate size.
For the purposes of my concern, so?

If you’ve attended Anti-Race in the past, you’ve got a good idea, usually as many as we bring.

The person most correctest in their guess (over gets preference to under in true Anti-Fashion) will win the Walz-Psycle-Cap of their choice.

Everyone else a coupon for all the fucks I can muster.

* To the inevitable smart ass that says; “…but to be an Anti-Race contest it should be an Anti-contest meaning the best answer should be the worst answer”.
Le Fuck off.

So looking forward to Saturday…there’ll even be Americans to look at!