About that times

If you read on and through the entirety of the Influencer Initiative you well and likely know what the program is not.
With some luck and a little good fortune, some of you know what the program is.

Further on still, a few may even be interested.
And know now, that would validate me greatly.

Calling all Misfit Psycles Influencers

How do I apply?
So as to not seem to favour those ‘influencers’ of one peculiar format over t’other (twitter/facebook/blog/podium), I am going to ask for submissions in a less new-fashioned way.

Emailpeter at misfit psycles dot com most specifically.

What is the application?

Send a one page email describing this or pitching that.
Frankly, the subject matters not.  Cycling or otherwise.
I am well and sure you can think of something.

The one and ONLY thing that you NEED to do in this email/application of yours, convince the reader (me or the another) to DO SOMETHING.

Rules of application?

There are no rules.
You may use your words, pictures, statistics, what in the ever you see fit – it’s your side show.

How many applications will be accepted?

While I’d like to see many (or more) submissions, I suspect the fiscal reciprocity of the arrangement will limit actual submissions to A MANAGEABLE FEW.
We would consider (up to) FIVE* influencers.

*this number has no meaning whatsoever as it will be a by-product of the total number of (actual) submissions and the diversity of those submissions submitted.

What happens the application after it’s applied?

Those that make it past the first read will be reproduced on the various Misfit Psycles assets (Liesnshite, Facebook, Twitter).
From there we will attempt to gauge the feedback…interaction…response and make decisions of sorts (not exclusively on these media outlets but we reserve the right to be influenced by them).

When will the Influencers be announced?

February 1, 2013.

Before you apply:

Consider one last refresher on WHAT YOU’ll DO and WHAT WE’LL DO in return.
No sense us getting on down this road and you wanting to ride a plastic Niner or be expecting free-shit up front…


Misfit Psycles Influencers can become nearly as rich as they make Misfit Psycles



2 thoughts on “About that times”

  1. I guess I should have read this post before raiding my daughter’s piggy bank for my ALC fund. My sphere of influence is limited to myself, basically.

  2. This is a great idea, Peter. As I am already affiliated with a slightly obscure team I don’t think I can apply for this, but pledge to influence people without any expectation of getting free shit, or any incentives. Just because I believe in the product and own three of your bikes, three of your jerseys, and many Tshirts and stickers. And also because I owe you retroactively for the sweet-ass deals you have given me on several of these items in the past. And also because I have had a couple of beers and am getting all sentimental. So basically, business as usual. Well so long as I am not riding my other bike.

    Buy Peter’s shit, y’all!

    Damn, I would have been really good at this.

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