All Seasons Riding

Of all the seasons and most of the reasons, experience remains, the more you ride in (the) winter* – the better you ride all the rest of the time(s).

* While I do not intend to debate the benefits of riding in your more warm climates during this period…I do, however, propose those of us that ride through the more frozen of shits do (in any actuality) earn far greater benefit per each of  those miles kilometered.

Suffice to say, in this thick of another (southern) Ontario winter, things are shaping up to be a whole lot (less) terrible for 2013.

Riding I am.

Note: While I do and fully intend to dismantle and destroy any and all eventual arguments that might favour (FAT BIKES, SNOW BIKES, WINTER BIKES, MOON BIKES, BULLSHIT FUCKFACED BIKES WITH IDIOTICALLY OVERSIZED APPENDAGES), now is not that particular time.

Winter Riding is JUST Riding.  Harder.

Winter riding is better than what you’d be doing if you weren’t:

Misfit Psycles Limited Unlimited Cookie Collection

Winter riding will generally harden your ass way the fuck up:

Winter riding wins

Winter riding will take you places otherwise inaccessible otherways:

Misfit Psycles diSSent snow bike

Winter riding will show you oddities and some other things:

Death by Hoof Hanging

Sometimes those particular peculiar things will give you pause enough to reflect on life and all the beautiful mysteries thereby within and without.

And sometimes, those things lead you on and towards a better (warmer) place…even if only for a few minutes:

Fuck Yeah I'm a Motherfucking deer monkey!


Ride your bike* this winter.

* The one you’ve got.

If it doesn’t work.
Know just a one single thing.

It is NOT the bike.

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