Anti-Race Del-Stalk Itinerary

There are those that, due in some small part to my propensity for rambling and the most rest of the part due to their inability to understand ramblings in the first place, are not entirely and totally up to speed on the 2013 Edition of ANTI-RACE and DEL-STALK.

As mentioned previously, there are some changes for 2013, good ones.

In the event that there are still some holes, let us fill them with an itinerary of semi-sorts:

Misfit Psycles presents Anti-Race Del-Stalk the itinerary

For those of you that might not appreciate the hand crafted nature of this offering:

0900-1100 – Head towards Collingwood – as you know your location better than anyone else it is fair to assume that you can select your own departure time (ideally one that would allow for an in-time arrival)

1100-1130Pre-Start #0 – Arrive at The Barn to drop any and all supplies that you may require/desire post Anti-Racing

1200Start #1 Anti-Race – Meet in Main Blue Mountain (Village Suites) parking lot for plates, pictures, plans.

1215 – Actually depart

1400Start #2 Anti-Race – Meet at Side Road 6 and Second Line (3 Stage) parking lot

1415 – Actually depart

1700Anti-Race Climax and Conclusion at The Barn

1700-1900 – Anti-Racers and the like are welcome to mill about enjoying all things of the this and that sort…beverages (of your own bringing) can and should be enjoyed (this is why you Pre-Start at 11-1130). Anti-Racers staying in the Village or otherwise departing just to return more clean, can do as they see fit until the start of DEL-STALK

1900Del-Stalk Begins. There will be food and prizes and zero reason to head into the village to spend monies…although monies might be appreciated to offset the cost of the barn and foods

All times are approximate.
Meaning, depending on the size of the final group, we might be late here or there.

That said.
So long as YOU are on time to the times listed, YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND, we will not leave any of the points prematurely.

9 thoughts on “Anti-Race Del-Stalk Itinerary”

  1. Sweet , going to give it a go.
    If ya see a old VW hippy bus wandering
    Lost on the back roads , that’s me : )

  2. Google maps (from hell) giving me grief.
    Can you give me the road address for the barn ?
    My internet server sux.

  3. So who won/lost…..?! Better not have been/or been you!! Mofo, late-assed, dressed for August, Jaegermeister- pouring, run-over, Batch!

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