As Always, As Planned

My prior and pre-race advanced write-up was, without exception – as expected, entirely accurate.

For the sake of content I will replay the highlights.

I raced.
I finished last.
I probably deserved worse.
I forced my offspring to endure it all.
I paid 50 (Canadian) Dollars for the humility.

Hazzah and all stop.

There is one upside to the OCUP series.

Forced awake by the crack of 0730, the Keiller Boys Three (and I as their guide) might otherwise have sleep that Sunday away.

Instead, in the hours that followed, we accomplished (this) much more;

  • Speed pie shopping
  • Constructed and consumed gourmet lunches
  • Weeded and cut the lawn
  • Competitively hunted frogs and tadpoles
  • Completed outstanding homework(s)
  • Made a delicious dinner
  • Worked out
  • Rode the trainer
  • Worked in
  • Slept hard.

Anticipating your doubt, I took the liberty of making a pointy chart that should clearly demonstrate how my competitors days faired by comparison;

It doesn’t take me to figure out that, in the grande scheme of the days (with appropriate allotments and considerations for my efforts more better’ly spent in those the pre-post hours) it stands to all good reason that we conclude;

I am the current Single Speed Ocup Points Leader.

If you would like to see the counting behind the math, this is it;

“Viva la people with other things to do so they can’t really race so good!”


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