Just when I conquered the LAST set of Faceparameters for Corporations (not only 30 days prior), I find myself well and behind in the times.


After much adieu and not so much effort:

Ass you can see (more closely if you go HERE) a new tact I have taken.

No longer the miss of fit.
This new Misfit Psycles face-look has well and done had any last stitch of originality and personality compromised.

In the name of defeat.

But not (entirely) a surrender without intent(ions).

What we have now, is a Misfit Facsycles fairly and firmly entrenched amongst and within the bland of Facebook.

Not attractive you say?
Through my carefully calculated measure of by-association-logic I (we) shall henceforth and forever be free from the modifications, alterations and changes that tend to take place with Firefox-like frequency.

If they can’t see us, they can’t change us.
That’s the plan.

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