Brecking 101

Stage Racing.

Some do.  Some don’t.
Those that do, do and that’s that I suppose.

Those that do not, have their reasons.
Reasons, most likely, that are a one of just two;

  • they don’t want to
  • they don’t think they can.

To the former, sure.
To the latter, you’re (probably*) wrong.

* In the event that you were not wrong, that I was wrong…and you are now dead…sincere apologies.

There was a time, a time some FIVE years ago now (TransRockies 2007) when I considered stage races a right and proper epic order.

  • A frightful and deathly prospect.
  • A commitment of all sorts, sorts beyond my sorts.
  • One fraught with deathly and killing type disasters.
  • One requiring logistics and coordination that exceeded the seat of my pants.
  • One that would absorb and consume a fitness of body (and mind) that I could neither afford nor spare.

For the many months and weeks and days and hours prior to that, my (first) race, it was an all-engrossing concern.

It is not now.
The dangers and pains are still very much real…the concern, the doubt…is not.

It stopped being so on the final day of that first race.

What’s been done, can’t be undone.

For ever and never more would I be concerned about completion.

Show up, start.  Days later, finish.

Some would be correct in suggesting, if I still treated each of them (stage races) as such, I’d do (perform) the better for it.

For the purposes of this and that, it is of no matter.

It’s also no secret that there are no secrets worthy of telling from my perspective.
I can’t teach you how to be an extreme epic stage racer like me.
Mine is a gift that I’m not giving away.

That said, an open dialogue with those in the know or those that knew might have been nice before I set out on my first.

Breck Epic and GU Roctane learn you about stage racing

The Breck Epic, with GU Roctane (it might and well could be GU Roctane, with Breck Epic or it might just be GU Roctane and fuck Breck for all I know) are hosting an ONLINE CHAT and the topic is STAGE RACING.

That’s 10am PACIFIC.
Which is not unlike telling someone it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
Fucking meaningless.

It starts at 13:00 Eastern Standard Time.  
So, soon.  Possibly in the past if editing of this post takes too long.

Go now, schedule an SMS reminder.
Be reminded.
Click the LIVE CHAT button.

Once it starts you have two choices;

  • Sit back and enjoy the riveting debate over the rotating mass of brass nipples vs alloy nipples as extrapolated over 6 stages at altitude.
  • Confront your own (remaining) fears…ask about nutrition, sleep, recovery or the excessive and uncomfortable presence of leg-shaven men walking about in towels instead of clothes.

Tune in and turn on.
Question everything Jordan Carr says.

If you make Jordan cry you’ll earn a FREE TSHIRT.

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