Calling All Influencers

In the past and always never, sponsorship deals have simply not worked* for Misfit Psycles.

*Not Worked – perhaps in a traditional (brand recognition) sense, but never in a clearly quantifiable (sales) sense. 

On occasion, it was because we selected the wrong candidate*, probably because they asked us to and we hoped somehow someway something might stick.

*Wrong Candidate – no fault of their own, any racer, rider or person with actual aspirations (while noble, admirable and the lot) not in-line with our less aspired intentions…specifically, not giving a fuck about winning.

These statements and the following program should not reflect ill on any of the persons with whom we have ‘partnered’ in the past (recent or otherwise).
We fully acknowledge that in ALL cases, they did exactly what they said they were going to do, race, sometimes win.

More often, we (Misfit Psycles) simply lacked the infrastructure (and funds and connections and knowhow and desire) to appropriately support (read: exploit) anything beyond our own simple survival.
As such, even the more better partnerships (Dicky par example), were not realized to their fullester potentials.

For 2013, Misfit Psycles is seeking INFLUENCERS.

Ambassadors of the Misfit Psycles brand.
Cheerleaders, persons interested in promoting the products they (genuinely) love (or make sweet love to).

Before we explore the simple specifics of the Influencer Initiative let’s be clear;

  • this program is not for riders seeking (more) traditional sponsorship…we want persons who love the brand, not the budget
  • this program will not provide free product or cash in advance for expenses…we want actual customers, not sales models
  • this program is not designed to attract, nor is it limited to, riders with a Race Resume…we want persons of influence, not (just) fast riders
  • this program is exclusively available to Misfit Psycles customers…we don’t sell what we don’t ride, neither should you
  • this program is not intended for profit (though it might just be)…we want you to ‘work off’ or ‘towards’ the products you want…it is not supposed to be your ‘job’


Misfit Psycles Influencing Is Good
What you will do:

  1. If you do not already own/ride a (current generation) Misfit, you will purchase one.
  2. You will continue to do what you love to do, riding what you love to ride.
  3. While you are doing that thing that you love to do, you might as well tell the whole wide world why you love what it is you ride.  Not (just) for personal gain, because you want them to enjoy the same love(s) that you love.
  4. By way of your continued generosity, you will provide your influencies with a (pre-generated, you specific) coupon code.  This code will be made for use at PsycleStore where they will enjoy 5% off their entire purchase, thanks to you.
  5. You will provide your brand of influence in whatever manner you so choose in any frequency that works for you.
  6. You will continue to do what you love to do and so on, so forth until you can no longer do what you love to do.

Misfit Psycles Influencing Pays
What we will do:

  1. We will sell you the products you want (and don’t have) at 25% off SRP.
  2. We will generate a (you) specific coupon code for you to offer to your influencies.
  3. In addition to the digital code, we will supply you with physical cards, stating OFFICIALLY your status a Psycle Influencer ad Nauseam and include (on it) your coupon code.
  4. We will track all purchases made at PsycleStore using this (your) coupon code.
  5. We will PAY YOU 10% of these purchases (not including taxes or shipping) 30 days after purchase (to allow for returns or other issues).
  6. We will NOT LIMIT (or conversely, guarantee) the amount of return earned through this initiative.
  7. We will assist your efforts in any sensible way…provided it does not include an outlay of (fiscal) resources.

Assuming by now that three quarters of the initial audience has been lost, the program is clearly and dearly focused on persons, not racers, on influencers, not ‘winners’, on riders, not podiums.

An influence program for the people.

If this program attracts nawt in terms of interest, it will STILL perform better than any ‘Sponsorship’ package we can possibly offer.

Details on HOW TO APPLY, soon.


7 thoughts on “Calling All Influencers”

  1. Guess I better start saving up for a current generation DiSSent to replace my perfectly good MkII, if I hope to be able to capitalize on the amazing powers of influence I do not possess.

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