Nummer Post Lunch Pre Launch

The wait is over…on-time-every-time…The Misfit Corporation delivers on it’s promise of a Wednesday release of the pre-order and detail fulfillment peculiarities.

NOTE: Dealers, pricing has NOT yet be totally and absolutely solidified, HOWEVER, until January 15th if there are customer inquires you may use diSSent pricing for the Nummers frame.
Email for pricing on the Nummers fork – it will NOT be the same as the diSSent fork price.

The OFFICIAL announcement:

This is the ACTUAL text from the NEW product listing for Misfit Psycles NUMMERS at the officially official Misfit Psycles PSYCLESTORE.
Please note the careful use of the term PRE-Order…


Due to the LIMITED release of the first run, pre-orders will be taken in ADVANCE of the planned (but very likely) January 15th out-the-door shipping date.

Well dummy, pre-orders will receive:

  • Super-Special never to be duplicated introductory pricing of $325 (frame only)
  • FREE UPS ground shipping within Canada and contiguous USA (exclusive of duties, taxes or brokerage the man may ask you for – see Shipping and Returns for details)
  • Guaranteed AVAILABILITY. Do not blame the Corporation if you do NOT pre-order and are forced to buy your Tickle-Me NUMMERS from eBay for thousands more!
  • Ship in ABSOLUTE priority over stock orders in order of receipt
  • Deposit REQUIRED with order: $75
    Balance due with shipment: $250
    Note: We at The Kinder Gentler Misfit Psycles Corporation of Death are not complete trolls, if you go soft and wish to cancel your pre-order in ADVANCE of the planned shipping date, a FULL refund will be issued. Junk punch may be issued at our discretion.


    The OFFICIAL listing:

    Genuine MISFIT PSYCLES Nummers Urban/DJ Single speed Frame
    Look ma, we found a use for steel and 26″ wheels, in the 21st century!

    And now for something completely different.

    Nummers – Metric (MM)


    URBAN DICTIONARY – Good tasting, yummy.

    There has got to be something mo better, use your imagination.

    DJ and URBAN?
    Brought to you by world-wide leaders in the production and mass-market assimilation of black single speed frames with skulls…the very same geniuses that dreamed up such evil brilliance as Cobra Command, Decepticons and Cabbage Patch Dolls…The Misfit Psycles Corporation of Doom makes new old again, this time with a newer new more evil-er twist.

    Designed to be an INCREDIBLE Two Three MANY frames in one…the Misfit Psycles Nummers is practically the Swiss Army Knife of the Wii generation.

  • Frame One Stuff in your 100mm suspension (491mm a to c) fork (w/20mm axle) and go pound sand.
  • Frame TwoPlop in that OPTIONAL Misfit rigid (430mm a to c) fork (20mm axle) and practice bunny hop skid marks until the street lights come on.
  • Frame Three Home Security. Propped strategically against any exterior door the sturdy steel construction will prevent the unwanted entry of up to three timber wolves.
  • Frame Four Midget Wrestling. No folding chairs? The frameset can be used as a foreign object or blunt instrument.
  • Fantastic Misfit Psycles, could it get any better?

    It can NOT.

    Frame Details:

    • Disc ONLY (optional fork is brakeless)
    • Single Speed ONLY
    • 4130 Cromoly
    • Frame Corrected for:
      • Suspension (Dirt Use) – Axle to crown 491mm (100mm)
      • Rigid (Street Use) – Axle to Crown 430mm
    • Fork Options:
      • None (standard)
      • Rigid Cromoly fork 430mm 20mm axle (optional)
    • Custom horizontal drop outs with slotted caliper mounts for simple axle/brake setup.
    • One Size ONLY:
      • REGULAR Sized – 575mm (22.64″) ett
    • Colour(s):
      • Black with Clear coat (standard)
      • White with Clear coat (optional)
      • RAW (do it yourselfer) with Phosphate (optional)
    • Decals:
      • Supplied – Customize your ride (standard)
      • Applied – Done in the lab (optional)
    • Frame Weight:
      • TBA lb or TBA g
    • Fork Weight (Rigid Cromoly):
      • TBA lb or TBA g


    Any use of the terms DJ and URBAN are NOT in anyway shape or form a license to act like a complete idiot while using these components. These are bicycle parts NOT radiated spider bites or red capes.

    Check your crap before EVERY ride, wear protective things and ride somewhere within the confines of your ACTUAL ability.

    The OFFICIAL conclusion:

    A few other additions to the store on this the first day of the Obama age;

    Good Bye.

    View From Here


    The initially intended super NUMMERS statisticus update and some other major revelations for the day, today, have been delayed.  Delayed so that we may continue to bring you this impotent bout of webular grandstanding and name dropping.

    Details, confirmed pricing and PsycleStore listings for the Misfit Psycles NUMMERS will be complete on WEDNESDAY the 5th…unless something else that’s too-funny-to-me happens.  Then it’ll be another day.
    Until then, chew on this:

    Coming Sooner
    Coming More Sooner


    The Fast Marsupial (as of the weakend) had taken an opportunity to respond to The Thad Offensive (Part I).

    We at The great and POWERFUL Misfit Psycles Corporation feel privileged to be worthy of such a rare occurrence.  That is, if you can ignore the run-on sentences and “overactive” use of quotation “marks”.

    Ginsu journalism Thad?  It never got weird enough for me.

    His photoshoppe skills, well, they certainly outshine the written word;

    Single Handed Domination - That's Thad on the the back...there...
    Single Handed Domination – That’s Thad on the squish…in the back…way…there…
    Global Domination - Psycularly pushing enveloopings
    Global Domination – Psycularly pushing enveloopings

    There was one photo that he did not post up…I’m not sure when he took it but I do know that Team Dicky got one similar…use your imaginations.

    Move along.

    Interesting truth:

    An actual quote (worthy of quotations because it is verbatim quote, word for word);

    “…3D rendering he had built up from a 2D Crayola and napkin design he cooked up at dinner with a $9 box of wine that he’ll send over to the far East (or West depending on your point of view) and have made into tin can two niners”.

    While the 9$ box of wine was actually a 14$ pitcher (it is Ontario) and the Crayola was actually the waitress’ pen, the rest is pretty spot on.

    Our lawyers are currently exploring avenues for having him killed or at least preventing him from licensing the proprietary process.

    Interesting fact:

    Didelphis virginiana is the only marsupial found in North America.

    The Virginia Opossum is noted for its reaction to threats, which is to feign death. This is the genesis of the term “playing possum”, which is used to describe an attempt to pretend to be dead or injured with intent to deceive. In the case of the opossum, the reaction seems to be quite involuntary, and to be triggered by extreme fear. It should not be taken as an indication of docility, for under serious threat, an opossum will respond ferociously, hissing, screeching, and showing its teeth. But with enough stimulation, the opossum will enter a near coma, which can last up to four hours. It lies on its side, mouth and eyes open, tongue hanging out, emitting both a green fluid from its anus and an odor putrid to most predators.

    Interesting revelation:

    The Misfit Psycles Corporation received official authorization from the federal government to complete and submit form T2050 for consideration on any/all support of the aforementioned southeast team of demons.

    Translation?  Thad et al, your application has been accepted.

    You’re superficial – I’m a Misfit

    Countdown to NUMM’NESS:

    Pre Order: November 15, 2008
    FOB: December 30, 2008
    Inspection/Prep: January 21, 2009
    Shipping: January 26, 2009

    Thank you for noticing there Stud:

    So keep doing what you’re
    doing down there
    Cos I’ll be flying higher
    Waste your own time
    I don’t care
    Anything you can do, I can do better

    All you girls
    You look and flip your hair and wonder
    why I’m still here, well
    You’re superficial
    I’m a misfit
    But, baby, that’s ok
    All you girls
    When you look into the mirror
    Tell me how do you appear, well
    You’re superficial
    I’m a misfit

    Not what you have come to expect from Corporate Psycles?

    Look what I found:


    The attack that takes place half way through…reminds me of the last 8-hour for some reason…

    Nummers (Nearly) Ago


    Jumped right off the paper:

    Cleaned up post haste:

    Same-day to the street:

    And yet so slow to production?

    Fear not, Project Nummers lunged several inches forward in the wee hours today.

    The Misfit Psycles Corporation now has a drawing that may or may not constitute something that might just make it to production perhaps.

    Note: This image has not been finally approved by the master designer and celebrity endorserer of the NUMMERS.  Noah Summers…Noah long since reserved the right to kill just about any decision made by the stuffed shirts of the Misfit Corporate Empire.

    Several items were suggested HERE.  Most made the cut, one was flushed.

    1. Integrated pivotal seat mount.  DEAD.  Numerous design constraints required a bulky, add-on, balls of a solution…moving on.
    2. Seat stay clearance.  DONE.  Increased by 3.5mm a side AND decreasing the stay angle from 30.5 to 28.7
    3. Spanish (press-fit) BB shell.  DONE.  Why not?
    4. Colours.  DECIDED.  Black wet with clear-coat.  White wet with clear-coat.  Raw with clear-coat.  Nothing More.  Don’t ask.
    5. Decals will be OPTIONAL, this is a frame not a billboard.  Fight the power daddy-o.
    6. A head badge similar to THIS will be standard.  Seat tube badge similar to the diSSent will be standard.  That is all.

    From Summers Studios:

    Other TidBits:

    1. Pre-order: NOVEMBER 2008
    2. Shipping: JANUARY 2009
    3. Target Retail: $350 (incl shipping)
    4. Availability: LIMITED (so limited potential purchasers will be encouraged to camp on the court of Dingle the week prior to pre-ordering).



    Monster Bike – Project SNAP-TITE

    Translation from ink and paper has begun.

    Three sizes only, that means the wee folk and giants likely won’t be thrilled…well take that for not following your proper calling.

    Holding fast for fall (October) prototype…drawing and full dims asap.

    Urban – Project NUMMERS

    Production release set for August 1st…tick tock…with a few changes being considered.

    • Integrated pivotal seat mount – because the roadies were almost right…less weight, durable, idiot proof…SUNDAY does it, why doesn’t everybody?
      Integrated post, no cutting required...Integrated pivotal post, no cutting no nothing required…
    • Seat stay clearance – considering a wee bit more…for comfort…for peace of mind…might be as simple as an increase to the (seat) stay length by extending it further up the seat tube.
      CLEARANCE? Could be betterer…maybe…
    • Spanish (press-fit) BB shell – lighter, larger bearings…EASILY (easily?) pressed into the frame…I’m on the fence and accepting epinions…
      Spanish Fly Bikes?
      Spanish Fly and Bikes?
    • Paint – surprise! Matte Black or Nothing.


    From the maybe or maybe not files of doom…

    • Stay mounted tensioner for single speed conversion kits…what’s the point? D’know…down with springs maybe?
    • Cross/MTB Drop bars that allow for hydraulic levers…I’m spoiled and stubborn and someone said it wouldn’t work…
    • Seat post collars – to badge or not to badge…because I’m a brand whore…look at me…
      The Hoff know you want it...
      The Hoff doll…you know you want it…

    Introducing: Nummers

    Voila - Prototype Numero Uno DJ/Urban/Funchine.Voila – NUMMERS Prototype Numero Uno DJ/Urban/Funachine.


    Descriptive word for great-tasting foods and beverages.
    Being delighted by the aroma of his mom’s homemade spaghetti as he entered the house, he exclaimed, “Nummers!!” During dinner, he approvingly muttered the word ‘nummers’ several times as this has always been his favorite meal.
    Nummers - Perhaps just a result of that saddle position?
    Nummers – Perhaps just a result of that saddle position?

    Geometry specifics were provided in THE PROJECTS OF DINGLE.

    Initially the design called for two sizes, Small (shown) and Large. The Large made use of a marginally increased seat tube and top tube.

    Following assembly, dimension checks and one knee-jerk opinion…one size will suffice.

    For 26″ wheels.
    It is the biased and inflated opinion of at least one assistant to the designer that a second version (rather alternative size) of the NUMMER be offered with 29″ wheels


    Nummers chainstay and tire clearance
    Nummers chainstay and tire clearance

    412mm chainstays offer a world of clearance with 26″ rubber. While the intent was to break 400mm, this was thwarted by seatstay clearance (shown below). A moderate increase in the chainstay (say 30mm+/-) would allow for the insertion of 29″ tires (albeit max 2.1-2.35+/-).

    Nummers seatstay and tire clearance
    Nummers seatstay and tire clearance

    408mm seatstays are currently the limiting factor in reducing chainstay length on the 26. Without detrimental modifications to the seattube length and bb (currently +5mm) it is unlikely there can be a significant reduction to the current 412.

    Attempts at lodging a 29″ wheel would require an increase in the seattube, chainstay and possibly a bb drop (to offset the increased roundy things).

    Basically, nothing of concern…

    Nummers forking tire clearance
    Nummers forking tire clearance

    The Nummer was designed around the ROCKSHOX Argyle (the 491 A to C – became 480 corrected) for the dirty peoples. This here prototype is stuffed with a rigid NS fork (RNS specifically) it runs an A to C of 430…looooooow for the concrete apers.

    Obviously, appropriate suspended options for a 29″ version would be limited…and a rigid/steel/dirt worthy 29″ MAY net scarce few options outside of custom – ergo – a rigid fork is likely on the horizon…

    The Projects of Dingle

    Less Projects and more Projects Please.
    More Projects. Less Prawjects.


    With a sturdy collection of bits and more-than-willing test pilot…only father time, that despicable decimator of dreams, that Rumpelstiltskin of reality, prevents the prototype from moving onwards, upwards and on to a side-walk near you.

    DIGITS (small shown, large pending) –

    • TT (c to c) 556mm
    • TT (effective) 575mm
    • ST (c to t) 300mm
    • ST 71°
    • CS 412mm
    • HT 110mm
    • HT 69°
    • BB +5mm
    • WHEELS 26″
    • MATERIAL 4130 Cro Mo
      yes it is STEEL…no I’m not…NEVER, a stupid question
    • WEIGHT heavy but I already said it’s steel…


    • Custom Decals
    • Clear Coat (while a simple paint would look the bestest, clear is more-better suited to a prototype needing tube/weld review)
    • The Noah test…
    NOT XC friendly now is it?
    NOT so XC friendly now is it?

    Monster Cross:

    Henceforth know as MONSTER BIKE: Destroyer of classifications… or MONSTER BIKE: Morphing project of death… or MONSTER BIKE: One frame to rule them all… or MONSTER BIKE: Totally SNAP-TITE

    Racing Bike of French Doom
    Racing Bike of Yellowed Doom

    All attempts to name the beastly savage resulted in never-so random Viking images.

    Young folk avert thine eyes from the pasty white flesh of Norse temptation (image borrowed from BRENDAN BURKE…if only he wasn’t having issues with the Pals of Payment, I’d own THIS)

    Would you run away???  Not bloody likely, now youre dead.
    Would you run away??? Not bloody likely, now you’re dead.

    Ever eager to avoid the brutally obvious, a ‘B’ would be substituted for the ‘V’ in Viking…while subtle and oh-so brilliant…investigation shows that ‘Biking‘ is already a well popularized word and not likely to convey an entirely appropriate level of raiding and/or plundering.


    • Three Sizes ONLY (Small/Medium/Large)(Most Likely 52/56/60)
    • TT (c to c) Not Finalized
    • TT (effective) Not Finalized
    • ST (c to t) Not Finalized
    • ST 73°
    • CS 425mm
    • HT 110-160mm
    • HT 72.5°
    • BB -6.5mm
    • WHEELS 700c x 38c and 650b x 2.5″
    • MATERIAL 6061 or possibly 7005
    • FORK White Brothers Rock Solid (445 or 425 TBD)
    • Full Fender/Rack mounts
    • OPTIONAL 1×9

    Not totally finalized, however, scale-type etchings are damn pretty.

    Design Process Patty Pending
    Misfit Design Process Patty Pending


    • 650b vs 700c vs 29 evaluation and geometry consideration…specific use wheel size as it relates to the final geometry
    • Digit finalization
    • Prototype target OCTOBER 2008

    That, is all for today.