Coming Soon. And Later.

This past weekend, the creative onslaught it was, proved to be both invigorating and insightful…not just in a ‘my kids draw way creepier pictures than yours‘ way either.

Designs were promised.
And even MORE designs were completed.
Some of these designs, less upsetting than other designs, if only in contrast to others that were the more so.
While I don’t see this.  It is what I’m told.

Perhaps that’s the point.  The point I’m missing.

This observation is not invigorating or insightful.
We’ll get to those if there’s time.

That particular point was merely and further confirmation that mine own brilliant business model continues to develop and destroy the Misfit brand in near perfect harmony.
Embrace and alienate.
A circle of corporate life fostering and repressing BOTH sustained evolution and ultimate extinction.

I will counter that this is not a detriment but in fact a skill.
A skill I will be adding to my extensive LINKEDIN profile.
A skill so precise and so nearly un-teachable that very few owners could ever replicate it…that is without first succumbing to one (success) or the other (failure).

An intentional and delicate balance of failure in spite of success.
Mediocrity, by design.

This battle over the fate, face and future of Misfit Psycles has raged for near 8 years now…and…if truths are being told…it’s not going to resolve itself any time soon.
Sorry, that’s a promise.


Instead of one.  There will be two t-shirts for the coming season.

Misfit Psycles t-shirt designs for the 2012 season

The JERSEY was also revamped with more black and less black (but remains incomplete).
COASTERS were sketched (but the final design eludes me).

It’s true, progress came with a cycling cost.
I missed Paris to Ancaster, and I do love to hate that race.

That said, the invigoration (to all things Psycle) provided in its absence were well and past due…and probably more inspiring than a physical manifestation of my current cycling pear shape.

The point being, much was done.
It felt good.
Business feels good.

If this doesn’t strike you as superly un-Peter enough, all the while, this creativity was being done amidst an unprecedented email flurry over frame size availability.

And I responded.  To most everyone.

Much was done to stem the tide of lost sales in the ultra pop SIZED LARGE genre.

As a result, sales of the ALC and ALC-B were swift to fierce as even those inventories began depletion…my keen corporate instincts are sensing a pattern.

Bottom line:
ALC is available in ONLY medium and xLarge @ 595$ (until out)
AL is available in ONLY xLarge @ 325$ (until out)

If you need a LARGE or SMALL.  We have stock in the ALC-B.

The ALC-B is NOT, not a BELT-ONLY frame.
It is the ALC with the option for a belt, if you so choose…if you choose not to, it is a CHAIN FRAME.
We are NOT out of stock on SMALL and LARGE ALC frames, they just LOOK DIFFERENT.

Ready for the insight part?

It involves core business, demographics and off-shore manufacturing.


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