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In an (n)ever going attempt to keep the neon lights alit, Misfit Psycles is pleased to announce product and promotional expansion:

Ghetto Cozies: BUY NOW.

Genuine, custom, disposable, one-of-any-kind beer and spirit (or other barbiturate) concealers.

Ghetto Cozies

Available exclusively at, each and every Ghetto Cozy is hand drawn by hand exclusively for profit and self amusement (not entirely in that order).

Promotional cozies of other sorts are made an enemy of the earth, foam, and the tears of abandoned senior citizens.
Not to mention they are promotional.

That sort of corporate cozy will not and never suffice when your days to-do list includes; subversion, defiance and concealing (your lubricant of choice from the very authorities you intend to topple).

Ghetto Cozies 2

Sized just about right, the Misfit Psycles Ghetto Cozy happily conceals many things, large or small.
Not only does Misfit Psycles care about your money, we also care about the environment, we use ONLY 100% recyclable/compostable bags made from at least 50% post consumer content (the other 50% could be anything really but we strongly suspect they were not tested on animals and understand that that fact is highly marketable).

Ghetto Cozies 3

Available in a multitude of designs, each and every Ghetto Cozy is totally and entirely unique.
Even the flaws in the design are intentional and should be considered DESIRABLE…small slip of the Sharpie?
You’ve got a winner!

Ghetto Cozies 4

Misfit Psycles has selected local live-in artist and general all-around picture maker Peter Keiller to painstakingly design and produce each and every Ghetto Cozy by hand and at his desk!

Ghetto Cozies 5

Do you have an idea for your CUSTOM Ghetto Cozy?
Send your request with your order, if fate agrees, you might just get something along those lines*.

* Note: If your suggestion sucks or it’s just too hard, you’ll get the first thing that comes to mind after deciding NOT to honour your request…possibly you as a giant ass or being exploded.

Ghetto Cozies 6

For a LIMITED TIME, order ANY diSSent frame and get ONE FREE Ghetto Cozy (actual designs and quality may vary).

Misfit Psycles diSSent ALC – simply the GREATEST black production single speed 29er ever.

Misfit Psycles diSSent ALC-B – the very same diSSent as the ALC but with the super-mega ability to run a belt (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Misfit Psycles diSSent KD – the worlds most INCREDIBLE junior mountain bike frame ever manufactured. It’s the frame you’d buy yourself if you were small…so stop being a fucking hypocrite.

Buy something, I really don’t care what.

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