Down Day

Not unlike something more the norm, today has been declared an off day.

While it has been determined a day of necessary rest, I am not entirely certain that it will be one entirely devoid of activity.

Rich Dillen must die and other thoughts for today

In unrelated news.  I swung by MTBR for a bit.

I hate them.
I hate this.
I hate you.

Just like I left it.
Contrary to what you might think.  Not remotely enjoyable.

Walt Disney wrote it best perhaps (and I’ll ignore you if I’m wrong) but the idea is to lure all the muppets into one secluded (self-contained and inescapable) asteroid or warehouse or forum and use surplus batteries to blow it/them the fuck up…presto…world saved.

Just a thought of course, by no means is this an endorsement of actual violence that would eliminate basement dwelling pseudo-intellectuals.

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