Entre the Preneur

Misfit Psycles Presents:
Lessons on self-business, making busy and staying in busy, if you so chose despite being all busy.

What follows is a brief pictorial detailing most-how the PsycleNation came to be, how it grew and subsequently where it be in the now.

The brief sketch culminates nicely with a video that I didn’t make.

Once upon a time in a magical land called Bolton, frustration and incompetence would lead our mighty hero on a quest of great selfishness…

Makers of stuffs in lands closer to Bolton told our hero to fuck off.
When they returned his emails at all.

Thanks to the electric power of the internet, our hero quickly procured exactly the sort of stuffs he desired from magic lands far far away from Bolton…these lands did not care that his minds thoughts rest on napkin and garage floors…

Much to our heros surprise, not only did he get the stuff he asked for, he got it in the quantities he needed to order it in in order to get the stuff he wanted…this upset our hero.
And his bank.

Our hero was resilient, he devised a careful scheme to sell the surplus stuff to friends and family…

This plan was a failure.
Friends and family either have no actual money or refuse to part with it for stuff they didn’t ask for.

Lo, all would not lost on that day.

It would seem that (quite unexpectedly) other, like-minded souls (souls with monies) existed.
They existed AND they wanted the stuffs our hero had made in lands far far away from Bolton…and things were going well.

That is they were going well.
Well until those kind-hearted-well-meaning-like-minded souls told other similar-souls and those souls told more-or-less-similar-souls…popularity ensued.
The degrees of separation had led this PSYCLESTORE and MISFIT PSYCLES interest into the outside of the easily converted…the en-mass-masses!

And now.
The crux.
We have our hero, a warrior, tactician and ne’er do well forced to talk to people…real people…

Could this be the end!?!

Stay tuned!

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