Extra Terrestrial X P Ali Docious

Firmly rooted in the necessarily optional (but not quite so popular) dimension of absurd business practices and etch-a-sketch product models it is with a sweeping carrot stick of doom that I shall respond to the adage: What is up?

  1. Vermont February 8/9 – Winter Challenge – Registration closes February 1…“like tomorrow Scoob” There is totally a Frame up for grabs, I’d expect odds to be like 1 in 40, so like jinkies, that’s totally in your favor.
  2. Toronto International Bike Show – Sure its a bazillion days until March but apparently last minute planning and on-site construction are not all that common outside these shallowed halls…in my defense perhaps it’s because they NEED the extra time… Either way, thanks to the continued charity of finer souls then I, booth pre-assy will be taking place in a secret garage type location Friday February 1, photos may follow.
  3. Despite advances made in booth kind…TiChiBo has not boarded the brown bird…of course it’s not supposed to have either.
  4. Quick association: 69 deg head angle, 71 deg seat tube, 395 chainstay, 330 seat tube…
  5. Effective February 1, 2008…lowly misfit psycles shall become…Misfit Psycles Inc. I love bureaucratic balls as much as the next constituent but writing a letter from myself to myself witness by myself declaring to cease operations on February 1 so that I could begin operations on February 1 as myself but no longer myself was a tad dramatic. Yes, consideration was given to the handle THE MISFIT PSYCLES CORPORATION

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