First Ride – Countdown

855 local. I am dressed in the finest of team colours. Nothing but a wall of green and grey around me.
There is a road, it seems to point down. Maybe I will go thata way. Will 32:19 be enough? Will the hill cry in terror? Will I be on the next flight home?
Answers to these and many more questions soon enough.


Twas nothing.
Hills, nothing more than big hills.  See you in Fernie.

Pictures to follow…slow connection for now.

One thought on “First Ride – Countdown”


    Peter, my Good Son,

    You will find all the answers in the Book of Genesis. Archangel Peter Gabriel helped pen it for me to make sense. You can get it on cassette narrated by Phil Collins if you want to listen while you ride. Just remember, if you run away, I will send a white whale-sized polar bear to swallow you like Jonah. Don’t you make me come up there and get you out of his belly.

    I realize you wear the devil on both shoulders, but listen to the gooder one.

    My mercy endureth forever and ever,


    (gentle rains falling and sizzling on forest embers…)

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