Fuck Your Standards

And with those. Out go most of mine.

Curmudgeonly as it may not be, I can no longer ignore that certain technologies are here to stay until such a time that they are replaced by other essentially unnecessary innovations.

Some things I said probably never to (that is in the past) are in the nearly about phase of actually happening.


Below is a production interpretation of what I mean but I suspect that you already know what they both mean because (unlike me) you haven’t been an ignorant ass living under a cycling tech shit pile for the past part of two years.

Misfit Psycles dissent MK.V with tapered headtube and rear thru axle.

Misfit Psycles diSSent Mk.V artist projection

Like that, it is now starting.

The WHY is mostly obvious.
To bring the diSSent back within the realm of pseudo currency.

And another WHY is lesserly obvious.
To empty the warehouse of remaining (currently less current) inventory so that I might and for once free myself of inventory poverty (pay bills) and claim my place as mostly profitable cycling magnate.

Details of the former and latter are both forthcoming.
Expect a newsletter clearing out ALC inventory shortly.

The HOW is a little different.
The diSSent ALC Mk.V will not be designed, manufactured and sold in high hopes. The diSSent ALC Mk.V will be sold in a KickStarting fashion with pre-orders taken for a period of 30 days…if minimums are met production will proceed for the lucky few…else…it will be shit canned along with my dreams of appearing as a Teen Beat center fold dressed as Chewbacca.

How to pre-purchase is also forthcoming.
Target sale date: The Soon of November.

7 thoughts on “Fuck Your Standards”

  1. Make it in steel and you might have a deal. (Poet and really did know it).

    Also, make a fatbike if you want to be a legit current bike manufacturer.

  2. Domestic or import, Peter? Also, if you’re gonna say “fuck the standards” the mean it! Go 1.5 on the headtube, not this half-ass tapered sissy crapola. It could potentially be cheaper to produce and you can boast for the most persnickity of persnickitiest customers that they can get a superdy-duperdy AngleSet headset to further their consumerism desires. Seriously, just price it out. You shouldn’t have to go that overboard with the top tube to compensate. Gonna go 29+ for the 29×3.0 crowd? Let us know, mein Vader!

  3. I agree with Andrew on the headtube size, make it
    1.5″ to make it future proof. I have a feeling Giant’s “overdrive 2” headtube may get pushed as an industry standard. Bars and stems are moving to 35mm, so its safe to say, not far behind is the push of a fatter steer tube.

  4. Oh yeah, and throw in a bit of MP nostalgia … bring back the square tube rear end like in the early days. Really, how standard is ROUND tubing, anyways?!?!??!! Like holy friggin YAWN! 😀

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