Happy Aluminiversary

At some point this year of twenty 14, Misfit Psycles will have survived to the ripe olde age of 10.
All and entirely 9 years longer than I would have planned, had I planned it at all.
And at least 5 years longer than the most generous of critics.

Misfit Psycles turns 10 the aluminum anniversary

Obviously. There will be a celebration of some wicked sort.

Rich Dillen will host the misfit Psycles anniversary party.

As it is probably and totally likely assured that you will neither be invited nor have any interest in the aforementioned celebration, you should probably be included by some and other means.

The means I mean, is the diSSent ‘X’ Limited Edition frame:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed

The frame is, in and of itself, is entirely the same diSSent as it has always been.
And still, just different enough that you simply MUST purchase one.

The (uninspired) diSSent geometry remains the very same (today) as it did so many of those years ago. Of course that was way back when the diSSent geometry was (to the very same folk) too different from the existing norm(s) to make any sense.

The diSSent ‘X’ material of most best choice is still, 6061 aluminum.

The (revised) Mk.V slider system is still universal (with previous diSSent generations).

The (44mm) headtube will allow for multiple headset combinations and several steerer options.


For those early adopters of the ‘X’ there is an even more Limited than that Collectors T-Shirt:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed collectors t shirt front

Unlike the more frugal of our past designs this more Limited Collectors T-Shirt also has a back:

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed collectors t shirt back

To be clear, the whole diSSent ‘X’ Edition (and all it brings) is and will remain entirely Limited.

A MAXIMUM of 150 frames will be made.


There are options, freebies and other incentives (including price) to go along with the entire uber exclusivity of the diSSent ‘X’ Edition.

Details of the most sort are still flippant but there is a more elite of Component Kits (headset cap, seat collar, custom anno) that will most likely be made available (on a first bought first offered basis):

misfit psycles x edition dissent single speed with more limited components

The first (most aggressive) purchase option expires FEBRUARY 15.

If you need more, there is more:


And yes, you should absolutely marvel at the quality of the diSSent ‘X’ Edition web-page…it will be the framework for an entirely new Misfit Psycles website (estimated completion: the future).



3 thoughts on “Happy Aluminiversary”

  1. I’ll be waiting, with legs crossed on the edge of my seat (like i have to go pee), for your 11th year. There better be a *new* steel version to celebrate hanging on in the cycling industry by the tips of you finger tips.

    You never replied to the invite to NC. Flea bag motel, Mexican everyday, riding, in company you may loathe. What’s not to like.

  2. Helllloooooooooooooo……….anyone hear?!? Am I the only one who ever reads this blog?!?! Does anyone else know of this grand idea to celebrate Misfit Sigh-cles hanging on my the ends of their uncut dirty fingernails (that probably smell like bum) in the psycling industry? i should, by birth-rite and the fact that I am the only one who reads this, be given an anniversary “new and improved” (or in other words, up-to-date standards of the cycle industry) frame-ola……which I would quickly have melted down and sold/trade for a pair of roller blades. Did you get my Valentine Day card??? Hugs and kisses.

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