If’s And’s and other Shit

Facefuck has been a buzz with a few ideas…at least until they themselves drop off the fold or I need to drop monies into the Facewhore attention meter.

To summarize, these are some considerations (and by no means actual alterations) to be considering:

  1. Tapered Head Tube
    1. Internal – cups pressed into head-tube.
      1. More (and growing) headset options.
      2. Quickly becoming ‘standard’.
      3. Modification to current frame design.
    2. Integrated – (essentially) bearings only inside head-tube.
      1. Easier/faster maintenance.
      2. Fewer parts/lighter.
      3. Tight manufacturing tolerance/expense and direct user/frame interaction (idiot factor high).
    3. Leave it the fuck alone – 1 1/8″ external – same as it ever was.
      1. Easy.
  2. Press Fit Bottom Bracket
    1. BB30 – bearings pressed directly into BB shell.
      1. Stiffer.
      2. (Arguably) better bearing life.
      3. Lighter.
      4. Tight manufacturing tolerance/expense and direct user/frame interaction (idiot factor high).
    2. PF30 – Cups (using BB30 bearings) pressed into BB shell.
      1. As above.
      2. Greater durability and easier manufacturing (tolerances).
      3. Requires 73mm shell and design change.
    3. Leave it the fuck alone – threaded (British) 68mm – same as it usually was.
      1. Easy.
  3. Paint Options
    1. Virgin White – purity matched only by your wetest dreams.
    2. Royal Pain Blue – because if I didn’t put something between Virgin and Niner I would be repeating myself.
    3. Niner Red – sells more when hung from fishing line and photoshopped.
    4. RAW – for future paint, custom paint or nothing other than an opportunity for me to make more with less.
    5. Just Fucking Black – any shade.
  4. Other


2 thoughts on “If’s And’s and other Shit”

  1. I am liking the tapered steerer tube option (aka: 44mm head tube). Semi-Integrated headset.

    BB30/PF30? See no need with your current slider design.

  2. Rear thru-axle for the dropouts? Perfect wheel/brake alignment, previous generations upgradable (maybe), premium price, and won’t be able to sleep at night without it.

    +1 for 44 head tube (keeping up with fork options, unfortunately)

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