It would be quite easy to bring this about face and wax mythical.

Instead a it came to my attentions (just today) that Missy is missing.
That is MISSY is missing and NOT MYSTY is missing.
Mysty is NOT missing.
Just because you can’t SEE that someone who might be watching you does NOT mean that that someone is missing.

Following that bit of misspiration I spent the remainder of mine day making a movie poster to fit todays occasion.

The New Hire.
As promised.

Then I deleted it.

And deleted it again.

It’s all been done.

Then I wanted to quantify his resume.

Which I will do another day.

0 thoughts on “INTRODUCING: Thomas Wood”

  1. Well technically I HAVE been missing from the Tuesday night race series the last few – only due to work commitments… so I guess these is no need for the search team to come find me…

    That is all…

  2. Congratulations on becoming a progressive, forward-thinking company in the bicycle industry.

    Just think…I knew you when you were the Evil Empire of Flaming Death

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