It’s a Start

So and thus far I have attended (albeit in a non-riding capacity) TWO events in the past FOUR days.

Eager Beaver 100

Tuesday Night Fun Series

Nothing all or entirely impressive, aside from the fact that it has rejuvenated intentions and plans for all the better in 2014.

It has come to be told and so now everyone knows, the cycling season ends and begins with Misfit Psycles Internationally Acknowledged: DEL-STALK & ANTI-RACE.

Watch you should the event FACEPAGE and even the (more) OFFICIALPAGE.

Collingwood (ON) remains the base. Three Stage remains the (host) trails. Jager remains the official hydrant. October 19 remains the day to rule them all.
There are some planning(s) afoot to keep the apres party better together…and more social…and cheaper…and possibly, so much more sexy…

Del Stalk Anti Race 2013 Poster outline

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