It’s Not That You Aren’t Worthy

To you, the Friday Few*.

No offence to Friday but Friday (if Friday lived in Hollywood and refused to get a day-job), Friday would be the Bob Saget of the week in terms of business…meaning…if you really have to…you might find something** in the whole painful process to make it worth while…not so much worthwhile as numbing enough to briefly allow you to forget that you’d rather be doing something else.  

A world without Friday?  
A world without Bob Saget?  
Exactly what then would pathetic middle aged men have googled in place of OLSEN TWINS NAKED for some 20 years?
The first 15 of those being incredibly disturbing.

Bob Saget still representing Friday and each of the Olsen’s being a weekend day (it’s probably best if the perpetually drugged out one serves as Saturday)…in summary, no Friday, no weekend…now, truth be told, while the point has really lost most of its momentum it is clearly exemplifying the current state of my resolve…just keep typing…just keep typing…

Bottom line, low traffic makes the already painful process of subservient-independent thought and production-line-originality, even more taxing.

The irony (of course) is that todays LOW traffic dwarfs the HIGH traffic days of yore when the Empire had the time for engaging thought…

CIGAMAN – Cannibalism?
Forum Etiquette 

So just what sort of thing are you going to miss out on onnacounta the Empire’s lack of motivation?


As you can see the banner is new,  some olde names are gone, new ones have been added.
Most certainly an explanation of these modifications will inevitably follow…they were, afterall, worth the effort of revision in the first place.

So stay tuned for that.  

It promises to be riveting.

You might also expect furthermore sidebar additerations of some things and other things.

Please Note:
Kevin Nierman remains intact (although slightly right of center) despite his horrific inability to update his pre-Psycle website.  
I’d say contact him and demand something new (lord knows he hasn’t done shite for me this year and he must be doing something) but his CONTACT link goes to his Vance address.

Silly Nierman…nobody and I do mean nobody, wants to see paintings of tomatoes infested with Hornworm or pastel renderings of Paraphimosis in Bulls.

To the good olde days!


*It is a proven fact that blogular traffic drops mastinkingly on Fridays.
**For you, it’s
Liesnshite, and today that ‘it on the shite’ is this.


7.2 million views



Can’t touch that.

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