Jesus Loves Misfit Psycles

Just when you all thought the corporation couldn’t get any bigger in their britches or more offensive in their obnoxiality.

In walks JESUS ‘the reason for the season’ CHRIST. 

That is correct, he truly made an impromptu appearance at the Misfit Psycles Holiday Hangover Hullabaloo!

BUY Misfit Products or burn in HELL!

Notice the pimp fold in his left hand?
God only knows where that was the rest of the night.  Jesus told me he didn’t have CANADIAN monies and that he left his satchel in Hollywood.

‘Spot Jesus a round?’
‘You getting another pitcher?  …maybe get Jesus a glass.’
‘I’m hungry, wish I had some bread or something.’ 

NOBODY ever, NEVER saw baby Jesus’ uglier, hairier self  pay for a round…a Christmas miracle!

Here we have Steve, Mark, Leslie…
Once again they are left amazed and confused at the plethora of diverse publicity that the corporation generates, even when it isn’t trying.
See that look in Steve’s eyes?  
The smirk?
How about you make your own caption…but I am willing to bet  that very same expression is what greats any boy who dares to call on the Schweighardt residence on a Friday night.

Quite possibly considering ripping Jesus' head off.
Quite possibly considering ripping Jesus’ head off.
Lepper remembered to bring the host a gift...
Mark remembered to bring a gift for the host. Assembly required.
Bob remembered to bring a gift for the host...invoice to follow.
Bob remembered to bring a gift for the host. Invoice to follow.

This party shall NOT be remembered by the toss pots that didn’t come (KENDRA, HANNEM, TEAM SPEED, MOUNT or JEFFERIES) a veritably virtual who’s who in the ain’t taint.
You’re all on the list. 

Here we have one of the few images I captured by mine own hands.

Marc:  Behind you Peter - LOOK OUT!
What is Marc trying to warn me about?  Look where?
I said no fucking pictures!
Whaaaaa “I said no fawking pictures!”

Like any corporate Christmas party, liquid courage modified and mollified the perceptive capacities of more then a few participants.
My camera was captured sometime in the evening…the images that do not include genitalia have been uploaded: FLICKA STYLE.  Interesting for certainty.

One of the more impressive transformations was wee Tom.
Clearly running on fructose glucose sugary powered high, Lowry set to work, playa style.

Note the hand: Only but ONE of ma's how I roll.
‘This is only but ONE of ma bitches…it’s how I roll’.
Meh.  Too busty.
‘Meh. Too busty’.


My name is Tom Lowry.  I don't want to wake up.

‘My name is Tom Lowry. I don’t ever want to wake up’.
Meh.  Too Vampirey.
‘Meh. Too Vampirey’.

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  1. actually – i forgot! besides, 9:00 is way too late for me. i have to feed my 67 cats and hang out my support hose to dry. sorry i missed it!

  2. I was rocking with team speed they were at the bull, it was awesome free listeria and service with a big FU as per usual. Merry Christmas everyone and may Jesus slide down your chimney.

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