Kinda a Big Deal (again)

A funny think happened this other time…

Misfit Psycles Walz Caps endorsed by Rich Dicky Dillen

Now anyone that knows anything about Dicky Dillen knows a little something about what this means for the design team at Corporate Psycles.

Here he is and there he was, the man who gets it all (for free), plucks up enough lawyer droppings to buy himself the Misfit Psycles Walz Cap Collection in it’s entirety.

Of course there were other notable cap purchases by notable notables…none of whom are so well known for their short reach and deep pockets.
Bless them all, every one.

Certainly the most best pre-purchase psycess of current time.

In more (other) public (service) news, the Misfit Psycles Boner Tensioner got some prime-time press on Mountain Bike Radio:

Misfit Psycles Boner Tensioner on MBR

Video killed radio and I watched radio win the internet on my tv.

The relevant (to Misfit Psycles) Summary:

Matt got a Boner from PsycleStore.
Matt got a (free) picture on his Boner box.
Matt discusses the why and how of his Boner purchase while Andrea pets her hamster (presumably named Jack or Russell or someshit).
Matt concludes that he likes his Boner and rides his newly converted bike around inside the garage on live radio tv.
Andrea and Kenny make remarks.
Matt does not crash.  The Boner does not break.
The broadcast/show/episode ends with Matt getting another boner, this time over Drew Edsall.

The episode in its entirety is available HERE.

The BONER is available HERE.
If you too want a picture, describe it in the order comments, if it’s not stupid your drawing will be included at no charge.





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