Listen to the Voices

Assume for a moment that we all hear ‘voices’.

Assume again that those ‘voices’ are merely an internal manifestation of the contrasting extremes of our individual subconscious.

Assume furthermore that, for the most part, these ‘voices’ are balanced in accordance with our (individual) perception of right and wrong, good and bad.

good versus evil skulls

And then, let us assume some more. Let us assume that generally and for the most part, that it is NOT the individual voices, but our conscious that ultimately rules our eventual action(s).
These voices are merely part of a justification process we humans require to placate our desire for ‘choice’…ultimately there is (of course) no choice…only right or wrong.

Ideally, less generally.
The voices rule.

Not because they actually WON.
Because allowing the perception that they DID win is a far better excuse than stating the only other alternative, “I’m just an asshole”.


mike kuhn transsylvania epic


mike kuhn transsylvania epic


mike kuhn transsylvania epic


The TransSylvania Epic is, as it should be, always on the list.

That’s a lot of time off.
Time away.
The boys three have ‘things’.


I need time off.
Time away.
The boys three have ‘many many things’.


Of course:
At either and both ends these thoughts are entirely interchangeable.

good versus evil skulls

Going will be a problem.
Not going will be a problem.

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