March Broke

The Keillers four have another action packed, work, bike and thought free day set for this Tuesday.

Animals and evolution aside, this day is all black tie.
A day full of culture and charm.

Firstly, a trip to the Elsinore Castle.
Chambers, vestibules and molten tar.

If not the most of you heathens, I know Dan et al will be more the properly impressed.

Secondly, the theatre.
A bastian of imagination and civility.

We’re seeing the POTTED POTTER* matinee.
Which is a oddly inappropriate French word for the fresh water seal(s) residing in the rivers of Florida.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty exclusive event, actual tickets are required.

* Research was done prior, there is absolutely no cannabis in this rendition, the boys three wanted to go anyway.

Will be day two.

I expect to most likely drop entirely dead tonight.

3 thoughts on “March Broke”

  1. Sounds like an outstanding day. Enjoy. Don’t let the boys see you drinking heavily from your hip flask…

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