Now With Even MORE Realism

Misfit Psycles is pleased to confirm that it has, through radical spin and incredible thinking, taken the cycling world hostage, stripped it bare, urinated on several small rags, wrapped those rags to an equal number of metal clamps, wired electricity (from a non-grounded source) to each of the clamps, attached the metal clamp wet rag combos to the industries exposed nipples and other fragile parts, turned on the electricity until it did shock the heck out of it!

Then, Misfit Psycles penned this release:


Misfit Psycles introduces Full Life Like High Definition 3D Products

All that.
And so much more.

One thought on “Now With Even MORE Realism”

  1. I’m fairly, mostly, and sufficiently confident that the practice and methodology of “sniffing cap gun casings” was both executed and refined by my elder brother. To the extent that it matters, you are hereby directed to cease and desist from claiming otherwise. The repercussions otherwise will be both fierce and abrupt…and fierce…

    God Speed Petuh


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