Paris Hilton, Not Wearing Misfit Psyclegear?

The rumors may be greatly exaggerated but let me assure you, the facts surrounding the Misfit Psycles Corporation are quite unbelievable at the moment.

In what appears to be a lame attempt to SULLY the good Psycle name or PROMOTE another home-video, this photo was not released today.  

Obviously intended to coincide with the release of the NEW PSYCLEGEAR clothing line.

Only in Paris

Misfit Psycles: Clothiers to the Pstars is pleased to announce that they have received some possible endorsements that would make BIG news to normal people like you.

  1. The good folks at URBAN VELO have once again demonstrated they are the master baiters.  
    Ne’er even the opportunity to thank them for reviewing the MISFIT PSYCLES Complete Conversion Kit recently (December 9th Exactly) when the corporation was INUNDATED with orders.  Hell, they even yacked up the MISFIT PSYCLES COD Cog and we done didn’t even have to send them mo money.
    NOTE:  Industry types and fellow single speed conglomerates…consider pulling an advert with Velo, rates are solid BUT (more importantly) the return surpasses ALL currently active venues in the Psycle arsenal.  
    This is an honest, sarcasm free endorsement.  I am Peter Keiller and I support my message.
  2. For the month of December DIRT RAG MAG – Forums will be accepting raffle entries for a NEW, First of it’s kind Msfit Psycles NUMMERS frameset.
    No obligation, no strings but maybe you should click on the subscribe button too…why not?    

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    Incidentally, I hear NIERMAN has been commissioned by the Rag to produce a summer cover (made entirely out of rotting produce) to depict the atmospheric rise that is the Misfit Psycles Corporation

  3. Much like an unpopular Tinker Juarez, Team Dicky: Aging Single Speeder of Little Consequence (he changed his handle and blog today, interesting choice) has beefed up the LIESNSHITE linking to SECOND on his list of daily doses.  
    Misfit Psycles, the second choice for Team Dicky, I could get used to that.
    Even more interesting is that the corporation does not yet rank on his listing of NICE STUFF.  Probably waiting for enough material to offer an AWESOME STUFF category.

As was alluded to up there, the new gitch promised back then is now listed online for selling at the PSYCLE STORE.


Hey Canadians.  Be smart, buy in Canadian dollars.  
Effective nearly immediately:  If you purchase in US dollars, you will be billed in US dollars.  In addition to paying loopy credit card exchange rates we will wish you ill and laugh at your expense.

Of course, smarter people will purchase the items BEFORE December 15th and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING that ends on the 15th…for orders placed AFTER the 15th…think about it…excellent.

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