Popularity Phase Won

At precisely 23:59:59 Sunday September 6th a 30,000′ spacial snapshot of LIESNSHITE psyclotraffic was obtained and archived.

Peculiar and specific attention was associated to inbound link sources and volumetricies since 00:00:01 Monday August 10th.

This is, understandably, a monumental task.

For the past many hours an obscenely large and generally impressive sounding computronic device has been sitting diligently on the data.
Intending to eventually be carefully crunching, crossing, absolving and analyzing the specific traffics in accordance with the complex matrix of recompense guaranteed by the terms previously set forth.

While these records were being ministered, officers of the Empire worked tirelessly on other pressing matters of the highest environmental prioritymultitasking made simple.

The ensuing results, since tabulated, are essentially ready for review.

What we have is a concise compilation of the PHASE ONE Winners*.

*It is FACTUALLY accurate that the WINNERS listed have WON.
It is also FACTUAL that the NON-WINNERS (everyone else) are LOSERS.

Note: The Misfit Psycles Corporation makes NO assertions whatsoever that the WINNERS of THE Contest contest are actual WINNERS nor that the LOSERS may not be…losers.  Or winners for that matter.

THE Contest contest will make several (some possibly worthy) personalities more the wealthier for their strategic association with the Empire.

This is the sort of tangible wealth that flutters thisly and thusly from the good folks at Misfit Psycles on an all-to regular basis.
This is the sort of self-less generosity that will (in due process) garner upon the leaders of same, a saint-like hood in the annuls of PSYCLEDOM.

This is also one of the many of reasons officers of the Corporation have been reduced to coupon hunting for necessities like AIRWOLF Season One.

Phase ONE Winner:



Not quite the landslide his Dickness would expect from his pressumed celebrity status.
In fact not even remotely impressive.

What’s done is done and given his relative, and repeatedly restated, state of uninterest…look for Dicky’s prize to grace the pages of eBay in the near future.

We, the unselfish, simply hope he utilizes the funds to find a cure for what ails him.

Phase ONE Randum Winner:



In the pre-presumed event that Mr (or Mrs) BLOGGED are unavailable, RANDOM.ORG spewed forth the #32 for use as the alternate.


Zoinks.  This winning link came from a locked forum topic (undoubtedly gloating about their HAN not quite forth place finish over Corporate Psycles).
Sadly, like the randum winner they were intended to replace, a definitive source could NOT be associated with a specific human.

In the interest of NOT spiraling this particular category into randumly generated unfinitism…someone that is them or someone that knows anyone of them, should contact us* to claim their wicked awesome prize.

*In the event that we are not contacted by SHB BEFORE Friday September 11th, Thadipuss will be crowned the randum winner.  Not just because we like him but because a) we already have an UBER ALLES tee ready to snail towards him b) we have already paid the postage on same c) we have even already packed a hat…that’s what they call an ABC trifecta of frugality.

Phase ONE Shill Winner:


His incredibly ingenious interlinking within the confines of the Regional Forums of MTBR was a bold move…many would-be rivals attempted far more grandious audiences and FAILED.
The 24hr thread gained so much steam over it’s course that it nearly unseated SNOW and and their sickly sweet plot of cyberspider baiting.

Marc is hereby OFFICIALLY notified (through the text of this blog – he now has 30 whole minutes to claim his prize) concerning the fifty free dollars he just garnered OFF his (incidentally) currently ON THE WAITING LUST diSSent (Fe).


  • Winners aren’t necessarily worthy…
  • Randum is just that…
  • Winners may already be winners…


  • There is still time.
    THE Contest contest doesn’t end until October 1st, 2009
  • The clock is invariably reset on the randum and shill categories for Phase Two.
    THAT winner, could be YOU.
  • When Misfit Psycles Wins.  We ALL win.
    We just happen to benefit financially and you (usually) don’t.

This (topic) was crap and mostly uninteresting.
Except to the winners.

Having since accepted that, we regret to inform that there just isn’t enough energy remaining to salvage it.
Publish as-is it-is.


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