Reputation Thru Repetition

A long long time ago on a garage floor not that far from here, our world-wide famous diSSent AL was crudely sketched in chalk and urine.

A sample was run and (reluctant) testing began.
At and around that same time, my thoughts and intents were laid forth at the feet of many a higher power on MTBR.

While the offending thread is long since gone, the scars remain.

70mm bottom bracket drop, 45mm offset, no production forks, custom sliders, too slack, too unslack, too short, too black.

One year later, more or less, previous points of contention become the new 29er standard.

Six years later, no awards, no accolades for Misfit Psycles.
I’m still eating out of dumpsters in China Town.

2004 single speeding as retail cult is invented in Bolton ON.
2004 Misfit Psycles is born.
2004 Space-Aged Spacers and kits are made globally available.

2005 The FU Bar handlebar becomes the first original knockoff of the On-One Mary.
2005 The diSSent AL is sold en-(limited)-mass to skeptics world wide.

2006/2007/2008/2009/2010 Misfit Psycles repeatedly and boldly shocks the world with impressive ghetto marketing techniques.  Innovative attacks and outward hostility allow for one step forward, two back type gains in brand popularity.

2011 Mass-production was reintroduced to North America while larger brands move eastward to achieve profit and pay creditors.

2012 Misfit Psycles re-invents the FACEBOOK experience.  Fuck you Farmville.

Once and again Misfit Psycles leads the charge, before and ahead of the industry curve.

Once and again Misfit Psycles and all her efforts, they are coldly and heartily ignored.

Not that it matters of course…but…

On March 7th Misfit Psycles became the FIRST CORPORATION IN THE WORLD to accurately and perfectly emulate a MISFIT/FACEBOOK pseudo-cross super mash.

Mark my words…just like NINER and our unique 45mm offset 470 A to C…others will follow.


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The new face-timeline comes into effect March 30 and has been criticized by conglomerates because it doesn’t allow you to FORCE likes on people.
It is designed to enhance visually AND stem the tide of self-made (read: FREE) promotions.
The new timeline will spike ad revenues just in time for the IPO…that is…ad revenue from the un-excellent…

You no LIKE Misfit Psycles?

Misfit Psycles INSISTS you LIKE us on Facebook

Aside from a big fuck you.
That’s ok.  No weekly deal tab.
Consider your rejection of us impetus for our rejecting, YOU.
See that lock?  I fucking made it.  And it works.

Change your mind, you LIKE Misfit Psycles?
Apology accepted.
Now when you go to the Weekly Deal Tab:

Just how do our brethren stack up?

Save this or that, they pretty mostly stink…even the good brands…(Salsa, Stan’s).

Niner wants you to like them...pfft

Salsa wants you to like them

Chain Reaction wants you to like them

Stan's wants you to like them

Specialized wants you to like them

Shimano wants you to like them

Last but not least, this one hurts the most (onnacounta proximity), JOYRIDE150


I assure you.
While brilliant.

Pays fuck all.

No wonder it’s left to chumps like me.

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