Shrinking the World

What you are about to read is olde news.
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For those of you that DID read…I’ve made pretty the places around and now you have actual images that you can select so as to be guided as you should be to the places I want you to go…

Effective Immediately: Misfit Psycles (Bolton, ON) is pleased to announce that Likin’ Bikin’ (Alton, NH) is henceforth and hereby the exclusive distributor and reseller of the diSSent ALC frame in the United States.

What do you need to know about this.
Cheaper. Faster. More reliable.

First, this is the world as we see it:

Misfit Psycles World Wide dissent distribution network

It is our geographical understanding that the world contains some 93% of the world’s population (the 7% variance is intended to allow for space travel, alien abduction and other dimensions with whom we will not trade).

In the past, being the global power that is Misfit Psycles, we have shipped to anyone and everyone that fell into the following categories;

  • Wanted a frame
  • Would pay what it costs to get it to them
  • Was not a douche*

* There has been at least one case where we have knowingly shipped to a douche but it made us very unhappy and we still regret it immensely.

Finding persons who met these requirements was relatively easy.

Finding the (shipping) resources to fulfill the resultant orders was not so relative.

So, find the picture below that best semi-resembles where you live, select that image and shop away.

Until August 15th all Canadian orders (frames over 500$) will ship for FREE and NOT be subject to exchange fluctuations:

Misfit Psycles World Wide dissent distribution network

Until August 15th all US bound orders (diSSent ALC) placed with Likin Bikin will save 26$ and ship (by UPS) for FREE:

Misfit Psycles World Wide dissent distribution network

If you do not live in either of the two previously mentioned geographical centres…things are more complicated…and by complicated I mean rates START at 295 (UK, Sweden, etc):

Misfit Psycles World Wide dissent distribution network

We trust that this announcement will make your ability to purchase frames from Misfit Psycles easier.

In the unlikely event that this arrangement does not work for you or you are generally and irrationally unhappy know this  – it works for us.

That is all.

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