Shut Up and (Let Them) Ride

It is no Victoria’s Secret that Misfit Psycles is pretty much prepared to oppose any-thing of any-sort so long as it happens to be organized in a manner that intends to impose itself in place of any more voluntary action.

Misfit Psycles opposes just about anything

Optional good. Mandatory bad.
I am no freedoms expert, but, I do believe that choice is an indicator of some.

Sanctioning, affiliation and association with those more official governing bodies in cycling (OCA, UCI) has never been a priority (or necessity) for Misfit Psycles…possibly and probably because (like the majority of actual cyclists) we happily exist in a place far and between non-existant and professional.

That all said, from time to time these bodies do have an impact on Psycledom.

While I won’t dare present a case entirely against some necessity, I will say most (direct) experience is to the adverse.

In the not distant past the OCA threatened to expel, expunge or otherwise eradicate OCA licenses holders participating in non-sanctioned events…I was one, I totally cared…wrote a nasty letter (that was mostly just a sarcastic email) and then downgraded my license the following year(s).

While I have no idea what happened with this issue…I voiced my opinion, shook my fist and rolled on.

There is of current, a new (new’ish, newly enforced, whatever) UCI Rule 1.2.019 that is of interest;

forbidding professional cyclists from participating in non-sanctioned events*

Cycling News Defines it Better.

This WILL directly (however indirectly) impact Psycledom.

This WILL effect events that we just so happen to consider World Fucking Class. Specifically (and not exclusively) the Breck Epic and the  TransSylvania Epic.

Mike and Mike did not request the composition of this particular biased piece of opinion.
I don’t give a super solitary flying fuck why Mike and Mike elected not to pay USA Cycling, the UCI or someones God to be sanction, recognized or otherwise brought into the ‘more officialler than thou’ cycling circle.

Neither should you.
We need only assume that each calculated costs, considered options and arrived at a conclusion that was in the best interest of their event and the participants.

Instead of accepting their informed decision (no not the Mike’s specifically and directly but in practice), USA Cycling and the UCI are tossing a tantrum;

No, no, no, you motherfuckers MUST pay.

By punishing license holders who elect to participate.

As a rule, I don’t care about PROFESSIONAL CYCLISTS.

Neither should you.
That all said.
Many people do and this caliber of rider attracts not only other (paying) riders but media coverage and promotion…they are good for the events.

Professional cyclists are just cyclists who are better than you. Like any other cycling demographic, some are excellent humans, some are cunts.

When ridership is reduced and coverage is decreased, it lessens my enjoyment of the event.

When an excellent human cyclist (professional or otherwise) is forbidden from riding with (I use this term indirectly) me, it lessens my enjoyment of the event.

What can you do?

Sign, then share this petition.

I know what you’re thinking, but I signed a petition for the Death Star and that didn’t make it anywhere…shut the fuck up…obviously this isn’t a Death Star.

So, sign, then share.

Fight the power.

One thought on “Shut Up and (Let Them) Ride”

  1. Signed. That’s completely ass-backwards. Go ahead, forbid pro *teams* from competing. Hell, forbid pro riders from wearing their pro-sponsor livery, but for chrissakes, let a rider ride.

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