Some of the Times

Earlier, I found my(personal)self embroiled, ensnared by entangulation even, in the violent clutches of a Corporate Psycles drama.
The culmination of a (month long) battle over tolerance, compliance and general dis-order.

A drama so dramatized that feelings, feelings I knew not I had, were awoken.
Some were agitated.
Others, violated.
Many merely wandered the hallowed halls seeking refuge within memories of past triumphs gone (less) awry.

A struggle of (corporate and personal) morality and righteousness so great, so intense, that as I wrestled with mine options – counter options – stock options, it felt as though all and every balance of my very modern world was at risk of collapse.

Pro profit Misfit Psycles was prepared to make battle and grow

Personal morality of stakeholders would not comply with Corporate Psycles...they would fight.

Failure by choice.
Failure through inaction.
A failure sandwich, for which, I had already over-paid.

In the end.
Steps aback taken.
Thoughts collected, comparisons drawn to fallen gawds and other greater greats, then, all of it set aside in the interest of foreclosure.

A violent and ugly battle at Corporate headquarters of Misfit Psycles to decide right and wrong.

In the end.  Harmony.

They’re fucked up.

The (import) AL frames.

In some sense at least.

Be that sense the actuality of the (final) product or simply the conclusion I have jumped towards in an effort to save-corporate-face.

The current production batch of diSSent AL’s will NOT be sold.
Will NOT be delivered.
WILL die a thousand deaths by a thousand excuses in my mind over the next three or fortnights.

Because after that.
It won’t be the matter.

A new batch of diSSent ALC (chain only version) has reached final production in Surrey BC.

Those that PRE-ORDERED the AL were given a once-ever opportunity.
An opportunity, I am please to report, ALL accepted.
They wanted it and I wanted them to have it.

The Misfit Psycles brand of customer service is not 101.
But it is one of the few and far luxuries that I still enjoy.
Aside from three ply.
And coffee.

For the rest.
Those that were on the fence and were waiting:

The ALC (chain only) and ALC-B (chain or belt) carry an SRP of 750$.
A mere 250 more than the imported AL.

Both have been reduced to 650$ until the (import) AL issue is resolved.

If you still aren’t happy…we might emit a mutual meh…or, you could try coupon code: UH430B46IQMVW at checkout (for either ALC or ALC-B).

You might then be.  Happy.  No guarantees.


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