SSWC: Lessons Not Learned

In 2009 less 1, the Single Speed World Championships were hosted by Curtis (et al) in Napa CA.

Excited as we were, the actual GETTING TO part of the planning proved to be somewhat dubious.  Napa might as well be Machu Picchu as far as Canada’s Monopoly Airline was concerned.

OUR MISSION: Connecting Canada and the World
Well that is some of it, at least the parts we see fit.
Air Canada

Back then, the EEC (Empiric Economic Crisis) had just reared it’s ugly head, a budget of 114.75$ was established for the trip.

Procuring a relatively cheap (and tax deductible) flight to Vancouver was simple.
Budget immediately blown to shite.  ECC escalates.

Budget or not, the Vancouver flight was far and away the cheapest option and left a mere 3″ drive to Napa and our slab of dirt at Skyline Park.
1601 in 24.

While the south bound trip was fueled by eye propping anticipation, the return trip was riddled with rumble strip dalliances and an eventual stop-over in the Wrongcouver.


Fast forward, SSWC 2008 plus 1. Durango CO.


Durango.  Colorado.  United States.  Closer then Mars.

Troubles with Durango:

  • Durango is in Colorado
    • Altitude in no friend of mine.
  • DRO is not an international airport
    • No direct flights from YYZ.
    • Air Canada doesn’t even offer CONNECTORS to DRO.
  • Interbike is only days later in LAS
    • Even if we COULD fly direct it wouldn’t be round trip.
    • Double your budget.
    • ONE-WAY car rental fees range from 400-600$.
    • Triple your budget.
  • The continued ECC at Corporate
    • All proceeds from Psycle Sales have been allocated to the management protection fund.
  • Durango is just there
    • In the middle…not here or there.
    • Conveniently located equidistant from any and all Interstates.

Founded in 1880 by a group of Anti-Socialists, evidentially electing to set up civilization after becoming lost on their way to the center of the fucking earth.
A mere 110 years later, Durango would play host to the first Mountain Bike World Championships…and that’s how we got here…here to me trying to get there…there where they evidentially don’t want me to go.
At least not easily.

It’s not all bad (tough shite Durango Tourism if it sounds that way) Durango has always been high on my elective list of places I’d like to see if the opportunity presented itself.

Following repeated delays, numerous cancellations, frequent tantrums and  regular calls to those in the know that might not go…plans have finally been finalized.

We would like to share them with you.

  • September 17
    • 06:30 (edt) Depart YYZ to MTL to LAS
    • 10:55 (pdt) Fly OVER Durango
    • 11:20 (pdt) Arrive LAS
    • 11:30 (pdt) Depart LAS to Durango
    • 21:00 (mdt) Arrive at the Prince of Tec’s (JustinEcono-Palace
  • September 18 – 19
    • OPEN (Race date September 19)
  • September 20
    • Depart Durango – towards Wherever (Fruita?)
  • September 21
    • RIDE
    • Depart Wherever – towards Wherever?
  • September 22
    • 10:00 (pdt) Arrive Boulder City (NV)
    • 10:10 (pdt) Interbike Dirt Demo
    • 17:00 (pdt) Depart Boulder City
    • 18:15 (pdt) Arrive Planet Hollywood (LasVegas)
  • September 23
  • September 24
    • 11:05 (pdt) Depart LAS to YYZ
    • 16:08 (edt) Arrive YYZ
    • 16:15 (edt) Snicker at customs agent


Be there.

3 thoughts on “SSWC: Lessons Not Learned”

  1. Holy hell, those are the actual room rates? WTF?!? It’s cheeper to stay at the Banff Springs AND Chateau Lake Louise at the same time!

  2. Please take lots of pictures at Crossvegas (the race, not the cross dressing convention convieniently in town at the same time).

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