SuperFly Round Up

The Superfly Tuesday Fun Series ended with a bang last night…you see after the stunning destruction of the young upstart TOM LOWRY for MANY weeks prior, there was now a tie for first in the singlespeed category.

This needed to be settled.

The BlackBull council decided that rather then race one more night (obviously this was stacked heavily in favor of my massive momentum), the series should be decided by an obstacle course…may the best man win…at least that was the claim, but was it?

I have documented much of the shenanigans and biased favoritism that transpired…I should have expected this (puny monitor peoples don’t strain thine eyes…a link will follow):

Need the real deal? Then read the post HERE.

Tonight is the singlespeed finale and awards for the Trek/King Wednesday Series…I will be in costume…this is my costume…I call it, snake:

To all those riders that attempted to race through our slow-ride-trail-hogging bought with assholiousus…on your left?

Ya right.

Special thanks to Lepper/Lowry for the inspiration for r-rated sticker round TWO.

Is to be replaced with this:

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