Trans-Sylvania diSSent GIVE AWAY

While the Trans-Sylvania Epic Edition of the diSSent ALC contest may have been decided, the contest spirit LIVES in each of you…it shall return…read on and BE PREPARED.

MOST of the submissions are HERE.
The originals were taken by Rachel, she is going to immortalize them in a scrapbook.

MOST because the winning entry by Mike ‘Evan’ Festa is NOT.

I deserve the new Misfit frame because I am a roadie piece of shit and I need to harden the fuck up*.

*This is ACTUALLY (if not exactly) what he wrote and NOT what EVERYONE was thinking anyway…I liked Mike all the more after reading this.

MOST because the meanest and nastiest (and undeniably funniest) were eaten by submission sorter and perennial persnicketer, Dick Dillen.

Thanks be to Colt for taking on the hateful task of trampling the dreams of the rest.

This is some others…others that may or may not be in actuality legitimate or otherwise verifiable…







Interview FAIL hangover perhaps?


Incidentally yet maybe totally unrelated…in a just saying sort of way.

Note: I beat those 33 Bieber bitches WITHOUT the aid of hand-ups, domestics, trainers or sponsors…although I would like to thank this brilliant purple rage of hateful death that I’ve held against pop-like culture or anyone more pop-than-I since my early adultiness.

Try for yourself.

I am hereby taking submission suggestions for a 10-100 word essay…

  • I would like the suggested subject to involve defamation and bile towards the more prettier, more paid, more advantaged by athleticism and dedication cycle set.
  • I would like the  potential perimeters to evoke a writhing wit.  A wit so awesome it arrives in my box riding atop a pure silver Stallion forged from genuine bullshitium.
  • I would like the  incipient idea to be so stupid, so brilliant, so vague in it’s particulars that ONLY the most best, ONLY the most wanting, ONLY the most messed will enter.

Put the ideas as comments.
In so doing you do thereby accept and acknowledge full liability as it pertains to any parties that are suffering, do suffer or will suffer from hurt-feelings in the resultant bi-products.

Have a nice fucking day.

Prob’ssibly Speaking

If it isn’t entirely or widely well know that’s probably because it hasn’t been made very clear.

Misfit Psycles Inc is currently and officially considering a vastly variant approach to the current business model.
At this time we are potentially considering the possibility of maybe shifting to 100% domestic manufacturation.


By domestic I do mean North America.
By manufacturing I do mean in-house or locally sourced.

This is nothing new.
Since inception the great Empire has always considered the delicate balance of cost, quality and country within the facets of product design, development and marketing.

With some items we have been successful.
With others we have failed, cost and or quality and or constraints was out of kilter.

Domestic manufacturing for us:

(More) expensive.
(More) complicated sourcing.
Requires an expansion of facilities.
Necessitates a dichoto-tomic reduction in catalog offerings.

…at least historically and initially.
But then…

Local sourcing offers:

Inventory, reduced.
Lead times, eliminated.
Quality control, improved.
Generation adoption, quicker.
Moralistic superiority.

The move isn’t a huge stretch.

This is where we stand:

Psycle gear…current. AXIS GEAR.
Frames…current and expounding.  TRUE NORTH.
Conversion kits…processing and quoting.
Handlebars…shit fuck.

Handlebars…have always been a problem.

Segmented and welded bars are ugly, clumbsy, expensive and difficult to mass produce.
Moto bars and ‘typical’ benders available are for straight gauge.  Wedges and shims are shite.

Bulges, in all their glory, are where it’s at.

Once you have accentuated your bar bulge, you may bend it.

But, bulging bended bar isn’t really finished unless you can do it sideways.

So…offshore and production…

Or…domestic and custom…

Truth be told, financing options need to be considered.

So just what can we get for zero down?

Final Revision Take Three

diSSent Mk.iv production is roaring forth.

05/02/10 00:18 EST diSSent AL production began in TW.

01/29/10 14:10 EST diSSent ALC production began in BC.

Mr THE Lepper.

Your dropouts , like yourself before you, are a multination sensual sensation.

More specifictually.

That is the Mk.iv before the Mk.iii even hits a shore near you.

If you were anticipating delivery of a Mk.iii diSSent (AL).

Here at Corporate Psycles, we allow for a certain amount of obsolescence in each and every little thing we design.
By continually revising our products we are better able to provide the buying public with the facade of forward thinking industry stewardship.

That kind of spastic revisionism, along with our exceptional human insights, are part of this charming condition.


There aren’t many.
What there is needs TBA and TBV but for now we anticipate pricing revisions:

  • AL 450usd
  • ALC 700usd
  • FE 1000usd

Pre-orders will be accepted at a discounted rate beginning 12/02/10.

LEPPER dropouts are ONLY available on the AL and ALC versions.
and FE frames are 100% domestic and hand-made.
and FE frames are pre-scheduled to be in limited supply.
AL frames will be considered enmasse.
and AL will be available for dealers in Canada and the US.


A Tangle Web

So much be new.
So much to follow.
So much for thoughtful content.  Or being content.
Akin to incontinent.

It would stand to MY omnipotent reason that, in the abscess of appropriate inventory levels, a fully integrated social security network would continue to effect the kind of ghetto marketing mass appeal that has propelled The Great and Powerful Misfit Psycles Empire into the forefront of cycledum to begin with.


And so on.

As part and parcel of the social ties, one update begets the next.
A cyber casting of the net, our pseudo Psycle spatter spurts further and farther.

Twitter posts to Liesnshite posts to Facebook posts to Twitter.

The irony of this resultant intent is not lost.
This is the kind of superficial stigma what for necessitated the erection of toweringly shelves of vacuousness in the first place.

Success despite itself.
Failure for the win.

Effective immediately.

Fukya is the new no.
Yes, I will be your friend.
As such and matter of fact, I am no longer going to answer for who I (personally or otherwise) befriend on FACEBOOK or follow on Twitter.

I need friends, if you have to ask, so do you.

I won’t write, I won’t visit, I won’t promise a thing beyond the socio-padding of your popularity.
Together we can crush Fellow Friender Dicky.

The real reason for the resurrection?

Why the addition of a PSYCLE FAN PAGE of course.
A page for the little people to look up the proverbial power-kilt of awesome.

For you.

As of 16:06:32 01/02/10 – eighty four fans.

More importantly.

This and that is and are less about the wee folk who can’t buy what we don’t have in stock.
It is more the little things.


Domestic debates and Packaging predicaments to name my two.

Discussions that would for a viable enterprise cost thousands to determine.

Riveting as they may be, these discussions don’t have to end there.
Discussions can come to be just about anything else you might want to slap about with internetional anonymity.

All the furor of a forum without the bandwidth.

Happy buying.

Until then.

Delivery Updates

Spotted at LAX.
Amuck other things, a large wheel-chaired and bound woman wearing an authentic subway map graphic hoodie.
Complete with faux fur liner.

Attempts to photograph were thwarted by a nasty bright beam that was continually emitted from the cell-cam.
We Lowry is able to provide authentication as he endured the play by play.

The JOYRIDE 150 map is now mostly complete.

Not totally.

Joyride.  The map.

Algo pierde.

It’s better then the map you made them.

diSSent (Fe) Availability:

THREE TWO spots remain for the next batch of diSSent (Fe)’s.

Due to ship February 1.

Deposit of 250$ required.

diSSent (Al) Availability:

Dropout revisions have begun…retarding (once more) delivery.

Due to ship March 15.
LANDING March 30.

Pre-order at 2009 pricing begins February 1.

diSSent (Al-CDN) Availability:

Entirely manufactured on the left coast of domestic (being North American) materials.

Prototype completions for Feb 22.
Production shipping March 30.

That should hold you.

Hold me.