That is That. So There.

Despite mine best distractions, the caps, all the ones (pre) ordered, have shipped.

This there is all that remains*;

Misfit Psycles Custom Walz Cycling caps

On the left, Small/Medium. On the right, Large/Extra Large.

* Budgetary constraints may not allow for another tri-colour order of this size, this season…subsequent order(s) may be limited to single colour/single art…TBD.

Not (Yet) Too Late.

In other snooze, it would seem that riders and would be’s of all sorts are (a)wakening from their winter slumber.

Some, like Rider of the Moment Dicky Dillen, reviving projects of olde;

The Great Team Dicky is back on his Misfit Psycles DIssent.

Others, going with a little something new, something that might (just) keep the lights on;

Misfit Psycles diSSent with black decals

Shown here in genuine, and very limited, black on black.

Buy It Like You Want It.

The End.

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