The Anti-Contest

Maybe you’ll be in attendance. Maybe you suck.
This contest* is open to both and all.

Simply answer the following question, correctly, without being wrong;

How many bottles of Jager will be consumed during Anti-Race 2013?

Obviously, without knowing the specifics of attendance and weather this contest will be not entirely unlike guessing the number of Skittles in a jar of indeterminate size.
For the purposes of my concern, so?

If you’ve attended Anti-Race in the past, you’ve got a good idea, usually as many as we bring.

The person most correctest in their guess (over gets preference to under in true Anti-Fashion) will win the Walz-Psycle-Cap of their choice.

Everyone else a coupon for all the fucks I can muster.

* To the inevitable smart ass that says; “…but to be an Anti-Race contest it should be an Anti-contest meaning the best answer should be the worst answer”.
Le Fuck off.

So looking forward to Saturday…there’ll even be Americans to look at!

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