The Danzig Made Me Do It

For some 40 (2) even years I’ve fought with most anyone and everyone that would reciprocate, yelled and shaken my fists at those that would not.

In the dark light of my best intentions, nary a perceived injustice would ever be too small not to confront.

If I don’t, who will?

This is a justification.
An admission.
An excuse.

And I’ve come to realize, it’s bloody tiring.

Despite this admission, I won’t change.
What I might do is try to figure out when/how to quit the fights that aren’t worth the effort…but…more likely, I’ll just keep going until I can’t.

I’ve always appreciated reciprocity of resistance.

As there are no (actual) employees at Corporate Psycles, the only potential for resistance to mine own ramshackle tyranny is you.

Which brings me to this, a most recent inflammatory comment in response to the enlightening Psycle Labs article: Misfit Fat.

You need to get beyond your pretentious douschebaggery. Fucking grow up you wouldn’t last a day on a fishing boat. A fucking bike is a simple machine, you think it is an art form and you are mistaken. Sorry to bear the bad news- you have no adventure in your life! You suck! I will bike on…

He is entirely and totally right.
I would not survive on a fishing boat, not an hour never mind a day.
Without this particular input, I may never have acknowledged that fact.

So speak up.
You might enjoy it.
And I might learn something.

2 thoughts on “The Danzig Made Me Do It”

  1. “Wouldn’t last a day on a fishibg boat???” Who does that wannabemaratimer think he is, Classified? To avoid ranting and roaring like a true Newfoundlander I will correct his nonsense, Peter, you’d be fine on a fishing boat. Even if you harboured a nervous trepidation about hitting the Grand Banks, download “The Perfect storm” and in between smiles at Marky Mark and Clooney pick up the trade. When an ice machine craps out – kick it. When someone gets hauled overboard by a jigger – go save him! It’s not bloody rocket science. Peter, you are good enough, strong enough and gosh darn it, I even think you got that Inner Ninja. Stay strong my friend!

  2. I’m not going to start a message with, ” You should”, but it might be worth considering another frame design, same idea as the DiSSent, but one that is not suspension corrected. I haven’t felt the need for a squishy front end even once in the five years I have been riding a Misfit. Also, I apologize for not being sarcastic or troll-like in this message, but I just don’t have it in me (today).

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