The Injury that Never Dies


Injuries sustained at the BRECK EPIC 2010 have not healed.
Nor do they show sign of self-healing anytime soon.
Not that they have ever been fully or professionally evaluated.

Suffice to say, what is now FOUR months following the crash heard around the world, the pain remains and swelling has returned.

The injury is shown here at it’s zenith…a magnificent example of primal psycling stupidity.

Previous attempts at rehabilitation were focused and absolute.
Nothing but a strict regiment of caloric sustenance coupled with a regular schedule of sedentary activities.

This did not work.
I am still (regularly) in a great deal of pain and (now) the swelling has made itself evident in previously unaffected regions.

I’m not FAT, I’m INJURED.

So.  On this recent trip I resolved myself to treatment of another sort.
I resolved myself to the gym.


How do women run with breasts?
Running while fat is surely as uncomfortable.

Add to that the shooting pain I experienced with every foot-strike as my growth (the injury with a face) was jostled to a fro by impact and gravity.
Like a pizza dough tossed high and caught low, it expanded and stretched with every step.

Defeated, I folded it over, tucked it in and retreated to the medicine cabinet.

Something is probably definitely broken.
I should see someone about it.


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