The number is in

Once in every long while Corporate Psycles completes a weekly sales analysis of sales over any one in particular week.

The purpose of such analysis is indubitably various.
With the most of these variations tossed to the aside, the process helps us (me) better allocate our (my) limited resources for the purpose of further fiscal triumph.

The following is one such comparison of Psycle items for some such of a week;

Misfit Psycles Corporate Sales analysis

Highly profitable and mainly ingenious items like single speed wallets, stickers and ghetto beer cozies top the up top list.

Analytically speaking this does volumes and most certainly coincides with (near) rampant  Society Six sales…pictures speak a thousand dollars.

Then of course, post review, I am (oft) in need of a reminder;

The reason why I wake up

Why are diSSent sales below expectations?
There is a very good reason.
One you should be knowing about soon.

Why are conversion sales below expectations?
Well. I don’t know.
Most probably because Psyclestore ranks NOWHERE on the likes of google.


Peoples need a better reason.

Coupon code: CONVERT
25% off all single speed conversion kits.

And the sticker sale is still a go (which may or may not impact the volume of sales).

Coupon code: STICKIT
50% off all Misfit Psycles Pschizzle.

Do us all a favour and buy anything today.
I’m thirsty.

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