Thou Shalt Not Be Killed

It will not be in and of this lifetime that I shall forgive that dense fragrance (forcefully and violently thrust unto me as I lay prone and essentially exposed) that was mine own cauterized testicles.

Despite the permanent olfactory vision, as you may and well have already surmised, vas trauma and death by deferens were both successfully minimized.

Hooray and huzzah for our socialized medicines!

Enemy governments may claim our system outdated, inefficient and hazardous.
It goes without saying, there in lies the charm.  Stupid.

Where else (other than Chernobyl or Cleveland) can you blissfully and helplessly immerse yourself in dull-edge cold-war aesthetics.

Analog clocks thoughtfully display a variety of exact moments from sometimes long before.
Ceilings constructed of drillium tiles and silver gridded fluorescents flicker and sputter with (futuristic) efficiency.  Their illuminating yellow flashes provide just and precisely enough luminescent to accent the soft turquoise walls and faux granite flooring.

The many artifacts and utensils found in some such institutions are the very same as those being bought up by bearded weirdies in pawn and vintage shoppes for a hefty premium.

A veritable gold mine.
Mr Ministers, that’s my contribution, the great funding solution.
Close Hospitals, sell assets, fly with bitches to G20 somethings.

As for the expenses I incurred.

Final Cost*: 16.40$
Parking: 9.00$
Drugs: 7.40$

*Amount exclusive of remaining and unpaid personal taxes.

Furthermore, I have an(other) untouched (but filled) prescript for some very powerful narcotics.
Enough, I suspect, to put (and keep) me back on the bike for the 2012.

The healing process.
Essentially a nawt.

The fact and truth of this particular matter, the hype so vastly exceeded the reality…nothing…aside from an extensive (albeit temporary) masturbatory reduction…nothing has really changed.

I do still intend to stay and stick with the greatly reduced PsycleStore holiday schedule.
Just. Because.

Only a day or more to take advantage of the Nothing Goes Discounts.

I do believe.  At this the present time.
Like concussions and broken hips.
Neutering is my bitch.

All in a days rest I suppose.

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