Try and Stop me.

The diSSent AL.

True.  It is the best selling frame in the entire Psycle line-up.
Also True.  It is arguably the best riding frame available for under 500$.
Further Truth.  It is completely and entirely self-selling.

But.  Costs of manufacturing (as well as materials) in China/Taiwan have increased.
Also But.  Costs of trans-ocean transportation have increased even-morely.
Further more But.  I didn’t order in November like I should have.

I am going to END PRODUCTION of the diSSent AL.

The diSSent ALC and diSSent KD will become the main and only stays of the diSSent line.

Discuss NOW or forever STFU…

7 thoughts on “Try and Stop me.”

  1. You can market yourself as anti-Caterpillar. Moving stuff back to Canada!!!


    Me likey. Maybe when I re-enter the workforce I’ll buy another….

  2. “Hey that last reply posted automatically. No “moderation”. He He.”

    Yo Peter, you whiny 200 pound sack of organic sheep excrement! Pull yer foreskin over your head and vanish up yer own ass!

    TeeHee. Fun.

  3. Provided that I am gainfully employed upon completion of college this April, performing work that pays more than minimum wage (fingers crossed), I will be in the market for a bike that provides me with the opportunity to sneer at people riding imports. Since I am quite happy with the Al, the logical choice would be the domestic version.
    Hope this works out for you, Peter.
    (Hmm, this reply is somewhat lacking in sarcasm. I’ll post something insulting later to make up for it, ok?)

  4. @Biggie: If there’s anything moderating your comments for the past year has taught me…it’s unimportant.
    Be free and comment at will!

    @Lee: If you are looking for gainful employ and can only take one thing from what I wrote…don’t move to Taiwan.
    Surrey is the new Compton!

    @Me: Commenting is funn.

  5. I guess I follow the logic

    What are those improved ride characteristics? I like the powder coat. What other cool bene’s can the Canadian bike bring besides better margins and its canadianess…

    I am just now re-building my Misfit, I have over $1k in wheels tires and a new carbon fork, with the frame at $450 it’s almost embarrassing to describe what I am putting on it. But it’s the ride… can’t quite impart that to people…
    That said, I saw no reason to order a new frame (sorry), old one is holding up beautifully, so I ordered new decals (thanks for those).

    To boost sales you need only find a way to let more people try it…
    I’ll keep doing my part with buddies try it on the trails, and telling people “I just spent another grand rebuilding the old frame I like it so much”

    I am all for bucking the trend and manufacturing back to N America!

    Good Luck!

  6. Having just taken delivery of an ALC to replace my faithful but battle-scarred AL, it will be interesting to see if there is any discernable difference, especially given how much I have enjoyed riding the import.

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